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Erica Sweetapple, may be a typical teenager but mess with her and you may just have a magical comunity to deal with!
This is her beginning of how she entered into the life.

hope you anjoy ladies and gentlemen.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



It was cold. Amisha hated the cold but its not like she would go back to India, not with her experience from her 'visits'.

"when will she get here?" Mr Yotsua asked from the coffee table where he sat meditating, of all the places he could be meditating, like the french sofa, or the the norwegan arm chair, he chose a coffee table, a weak, splintering coffee table. She sighed at him and continued to look out of the window. The traffic was bad, now that St Albans road was closed, angry innocents yelled and beeped at eachother with annoyance flustering their reddened faces.

"Soon." Was all she said. If her vision was correct, as they always were, their awaited accompliss should be around an hour. She could see it in her head when she blinked, that split quarter of a second galance of everything that is happening to the girl.

'The young, 14 year old girl was walking into the hotel room, her spirit was summoned by a ouigee board. She was scared as she had just come to terms she was no longer technally alive, her spirit was her conseinece, after she got hit by that truck anyway. The hotel room was clean and neatly decorated, half of the room was a rectangle but then dispersed into a circle. She was pretty, not beautiful, not like Amisha, but she wasn't plain either, she had gentle smiling eyes, that were creased with panic and weariness, her long auburn hair was tied up, as it always was for school. She was taking a deep breath and examining the room. "Hello?" She said nervously. "Am i to believe you are Erica Sweetapple?" A deep voice said gently from behind her. She spun round and came face to face with a tall, well built man, dressed in a smart suit, almost covering his three scars that ran along the side of his neck. Her voice was lost in muted fear so she nodded. He smiled tightly. He ganced at her one last time before picking up a wine glass and indicating something with his fingers. Amisha could see him walk towards Erica and opened his mouth to say something.


"We have to go" Amisha growled, something had happened, another sensitive had blocked her vision, that was the only possible reason. Mr Yotsua appeared beside her out of thin air and together they ran down the flat stairs, and bolted out the front.

"125." she Yelled as she jumped on her black and green motorbike, as it roared to life she felt stupid for letting Erica go, well it's not likie Erica actually knows her but she still could have been there, in the loby or outside even but being 14 miles away, was just unexceptional. How she let Mr Yotsuat5alk her into being so far away was just astonishing, maybe she was drunk at the time. Her thoughts came back to her as she swirved around the corner, she couldnt wait to get there, because for some people violence is an accomplish, for others its a sin but for Amisha its a Accomplishing Sinful Passion.



"My name is Jasper Huntington, i mean only to talk with you, and discuss with you, a business opurtunity you cannot refuse." The tall man said. Erica couldnt help but raise an eyebrow, but as she sat down she thought that listening to this man would be better than him silently killing her and shoving her body in a trunk of a car, or something like that, maybe he's the sort to hang her by the nipples, she quickly banished that thought with the crease of her eyebrows. Someone laughed faintly, and it wasn't Mr Huntington.

"Then can i go?" she asked quietly. He looked at her from the corner of his eyes, as if he was considering that oposition.

"If you agree." He finally said. Erica felt her stomach drop as she sat forward ready to run, or float or however the hell she was going to escape.

"And if i dont." She said trying to swallow down her fear that creeped into her blood, if she had any.

"I will kill you." Said another voice, she had a feelling that she wasnt to turn round, so she focused on the beige wall. She wasnt a believer in any religion, yet she found herself silently praying. "Shit, Shit, Shit." she said quietly. Something in the back of her mind was screaming at her to raise her hand. What that would do she had no idea, she had been hit by a truck because she lwalked out of school at lunch time with her boyfriend because of a panic attack, and now some men who look like body builders were threatening her life, if she hadnt noticed before, her life was no longer about helping the neighbour or babysitting the young ones from her mum's church.

"Do you agree.?" Said the voice from behind her, her thoughts flooded away and reality smacked her in the mouth. Before she could speak, the door flew off of its hinges and before anyone even had any time to look. Jasper huntington met a strong, slender fist that hit him under chin, his head flew backwards, but then a hand grabbed his hair and smashed it into her knee. Amisha was in the building. Lightening struck from the ceiling, forcing Amisha into the wall. But thats when Mr Yotsua came.

The room was ablaze within seconds and an invisible force held the other man against the wall. A hooded cloak concealed his face and before Mr Yotsua could take it off, he vanished, as did Jasper Huntington.

"What the fuck's going on?" Erica demanded.

"You almost died and we saved you, a thanks would be better, but we'll except that." The old, but strong Chineese man said, with a side smile. 

"Come here." The women that threw the hard punch said gently. Amisha wandered cautiously over. Maybe she was the type that would hang her by the nipples, now she really hated Andrew for saying that in science. The women placed a hand above Ericas left breast and muttered something. She felt a tingling sensation, as it got stronger it started to sting, then ache then she was almost crying in pain, no, she was crying, she was solid again. Her hands which she glanced down at were solid, she was in a literal sense solid again.

"Who are you?" Erica asked.

"Amisha Khartan, and that man is Mr Yotsua." Amisha said as she looked around the room.

"Im -"

"Erica sweetapple, yh we know." Amisha said bluntly. Something catched her eye, she walked over and it was a torn up pass port, hidden under some up-turned carpet.

"How do people know who i am, not that im grateful but to be honest im a little freaked out right now." Erica said

"Look sweety, We know you, You will know us in time, all you need to know is your with us now, until your back in your body, your real body, then it's up to you." Amisha said.

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