The Trolls and the Lepricorns.

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A simple Fairy tale, told from the narrators eye, hope you enjoy!
Part one.

Submitted: June 05, 2012

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Submitted: June 05, 2012





Long, long a ago, down in the woods, by the old farm, which lay near the old farmers field their lived a haggle of trolls. Now these, like so many other trolls, enjoyed the well earned simple comfort of Ale, they would find any excuse to celebrate with pints of ale. However my tale is not to do with telling everyone that Troll's are the most troublesome creatures, but to tell you a tale which is set on a warm june evening; when their spirits were soring, and their songs were heard all around. "Pass us another, an' another!" three would cry at once to the troll bar men. Songs broke out, as well as a couple of fights, i might add!

But suddenly it was all drawn to a halt, when the tipsy Troll gaurdsmen came cursing through the doors, all in a huff as the brought in with them a tiny Green Lepricorn. The poor little thing looked terrified yet had an unmistakable look of determination in his eyes.

"What businesh 'ave oo 'ere?" The chief troll slured as he waggled a chubby grey finger at the lepricorn.

"Well you see." the lepricorn began. "Me Gold and me kin have me nicked from me lowly hand an taken to the Goblin's o'er the hills yonder." He said as he showed them his hands effectivly. His eyes were so round, and his cheeks so dull, the Troll cheif practically leapt to his defence and before long all the able body trolls made haste to the nearby Goblin Castle.

Now please dear reader, pay heed to my next words, Trolls do NOT like goblins. if you put a toll and a goblin in the same room, there would be no room left.


So the trolls made their way to the goblins castle, they stumbled and staggerd the whole way there and a couple i am sad to say did not make it as they decided to fall asleep half way there. But the rest of the trolls giggled with glee as they caught sight of the huge castle, with ivy climbing up the sides and into the broken windows. the sun was setting and set the evening sky alight with colors of honey and roses. But what the Trolls did not realise was the tedious goblins had noticed their unwanted arrival.


To be continued in the follwing edition.

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