Never The Strangers

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The two of them were never the strangers to each other. Their worlds had always been so close. Everything was already perfect except for one thing. They never liked each other. Will love find a way? Can they finally tell to the world that yes, they're in love?

A/N: So, this short story is my official entry for littlemissromance13's Just a Romance Cliche Contest Two. Err, I wrote this three weeks ago but I was so lazy to type it all here. This is actually the first time I'm entering a writing contest here in Booksie. So, tell me your thoughts about this one. Would love to hear from you lovelies. Wish me luck! :) By the way, I made the cover myself. :) Lol.


'Watch it, weirdo,' Harry said and flashed a devilishly smile at me.

Ugh. God knows how much I hated him. He would be the last person that I'll choose to be with. Well, the feeling was mutual between us. He hated me just as much as I hated him. I had known him ever since kindergarten, and our families were close friends. Yeah, it was so awkward. My parents and his didn't know that when no one was around, Harry and I were mortal enemies. Mom and Dad didn't know that we were like that. They thought that Harry and I were the best of friends. Pft, not! Harry was just your typical jock. He was handsome, has a gorgeous body, ginger hair, cool friends, bimbos who were very willing to throw themselves to him and a freaking popularity. Well, everything about him kind of made me feel sick. Oh and aside from being a total douchebag, he was also my soon-to-be husband.

Yes, you had read that one right. To be honest, I still didn't get why my parents agreed on that sick proposal. They said that even when we were little, they had always wanted the two of us to end up together. Ew, just a thought of marrying him made me feel so sick! Ugh. I hated this life so much.

'You were the one who was not looking on your way, ginger head,' I said and gave him a mocking smile.

Growing up, he never liked hearing that nickname I gave for him. That was actually my weapon. He looked so pissed off, and all I could feel was victory because he lost again! Well, I was still the one who got the last laugh. His oh-so-handsome face suddenly turned red just like a ripen tomato. Dang, he had the most epic reaction in the whole freaking world. I came inside the kitchen to get something to drink when I accidentally ran to him. He towered upon me with an annoying smile painted on his face. Handsome face, actually.

'Well my dear, little wife,' he said and leaned closer to me. 'This ginger head standing before you is your husband-to-be. You have to be proud of it because you got a precious gem. Most girls would normally feel happy about it.'

Great, just great. He had always been the antagonist in my life. I didn't really get why he had to exist in this world. He was worthless, well for me. Geez dude, I was seriously sick and tired of being reminded by the engagement all over again. If I could just disappear into this world with Chris-hot-Pine, dang I would have done that already. All Harry gave me was nothing but headache- and more headache.

'I know that, genius,' I said and pushed him away from me. 'Could you please stop reminding me about that bloody engagement? You're ruining my day!'

He smirked and tipped my chin. My heart was pounding inside as I watched him slowly moved his face closer to mine. To be honest, I had no idea what to do. Should I scream for help and tell my parents that he tried to sexually harass me? Nah, they won't believe it. Harry was very close to them, which I hated the most. Then suddenly, a genius idea crossed my mind. It was really cool. As soon as he brushed his lips against mine, I automatically bit his tongue and hit him on his groin. Talk about double murder! He fell down on his knees and was cursing under his breath.

I ran hurriedly to my room and thought about what happened. My lips could still feel the kiss he gave me a second ago. Geez, he kissed me! My fingers traced my lips and couldn't believe that I was finally kissed by a man. Well, it was actually the best kiss I had ever had. But my mind told me not to be happy about it because he was my mortal enemy. He was the one I hated the most! Dang, he stole my first kiss that I was actually saving for Chace Crawford. Err, yeah. He was my ultimate crush, okay?

Then suddenly, someone was banging up my door. It was probably my parents. We had a small gathering today. It was just a barbecue party that my parents hosted- obviously. Some of my parents' close friends and family members came in our house today. I climbed lazily out bed and took a deep breath for a second. Mom would probably scold me because of what I did to Harry. When I opened the door, I saw my parents who looked quite pissed.

'Sweetie what happened at the kitchen?' Mom said and crossed her arms against her chest.

'I... we were...' I said and I was very aware that I stuttered in front of my parents.

Dad cleared his throat and walked inside the room. He looked quiet angry, which confused and scared me a lot.

'Kim, Harry told us that you were trying to run away with Zach Evans,' he said and crossed his arms against his chest. 'You know very well that you can no longer do that because you're already engaged! Harry is a good man, and I want you for him. You should do I say, Kim.'

Okay, seriously? Did he just say that I was trying to run away with Zach-freaking hot-Evans? Geez, I would love to! But he was just a friend. As much I wanted to be more than friends with him, I just couldn't. Besides, he already found the girl for him. It was Serenity Davis. They looked perfect for each other. Great was an understatement. Zach and Serenity were brought together by destiny, and I was very sure of that. Back to what my dad said, I couldn't believe that Harry made up a sick story again!

'Dad, please stop reminding me about the engagement thing. I'm not going to run away with Zach, okay?' I said and sighed. 'And also, I won't and will never be in love with that damn Harry boy.'

Dad clenched his jaw, and Mom gave me a death glare. To be honest, I didn't really get why they were so found of Harry. I mean, he was a jerk and why would they want their daughter to marry a man who didn't even love her? That was just so pathetic! I was not that desperate enough to marry someone like him.

'How could you speak to your father like that huh?' Mom said and pointed her forefinger at me. 'You were not like that!'

I stifled a laugh and crossed my arms against my chest.

'You never knew me, Mom,' I said bitterly. 'You and dad never bothered to ask me what the hell I want to do with my life!'

Faster than a bolt of lightning, her hand slapped my face. Hard. It was actually the first time she did that to me. She never hit me, not even a bit. My eyes were suddenly filled with tears that made my vision quiet blurry. Mom tried to hug me, but I turned away. They left the room perhaps because they knew I wasn't going to talk to them. I sat on my bed and stared out of the window. My eyes caught Harry staring back at me. He was at the garden sitting on a wooden chair with a beer on his hand. This was his damn fault. His stupid freaking fault. I seriously didn't get why he had to be a part of my life. He always made sure that my life was like a living hell. Screw you, Harry! I shot him a glare and then closed the window.

When my parents were already asleep, I started packing up my things. I had decided to run away from this freaking mansion. To be honest, I had no idea where to go since I didn't have any friends other than my dog, Tyler. Nonetheless, I will still run away from here and perhaps never return anymore. My plan was to go to New York and pursue my dream to be a famous Broadway actress, which my mom and dad were not happy to hear- obviously. When I was finished stuffing my bag with my clothes, I carefully opened the door and tiptoed my way down the grand staircase. The lights were all turned off, so I made sure that my steps were very careful. The key was under the small flowerpot. My mother was not really good in hiding things.

So, I successfully walked out of the house and headed straight in the garage. My car was a red mini cooper. Dad bought it for me during my eighteenth birthday, which was one year ago already. Just as I was about to start the engine of the car, someone took a grip on my shoulder that made me screamed so loud. Then a hand covered my mouth. When I looked at the rearview mirror, I saw a human figure. I couldn't see the face because it was so dark. Wait a minute; how the hell did that human being got inside my car? I looked back and saw Harry smirking at me.

'What the hell are you doing here?' I said and shrugged his hands off of my shoulder. 'You scared me!'

He laughed like a psycho maniac. Okay, maybe not. 'You thought you can escape to me like that huh?' he said and kissed the back of my hand, which confused me a lot. 'I love you Kim.'

Hold up a second, did he just say those three magical words? Nah, he was probably up to something again. He was just kidding about it. Why would he like a girl like me? I was just a nobody. Students in Carlson Davis High even dubbed me as the school's nerd. Nobody dared to be my friend, which was really sad.

'What the hell, Harry boy?' I said and arched an eyebrow at him. 'That was the funniest joke I have ever heard from you.'

He took a deep sigh and ran his fingers through my brown, straight hair. 'That wasn't meant to be as a joke, Kim,' he said and his deep-blue eyes gazed at me. 'I had loved you ever since the first time I laid my eyes on you.'

Was this really happening? Was he really confessing his feelings for me right now? Okay, I must admit that Harry was really my ultimate crush and not Chace Crawford. I loved him despite the fact that he was also my mortal enemy. Listening to his words right now, totally confused my brain system.

'What's the catch, ginger boy?' I said and glared at him. He frowned and looked quite shocked. Well, he was probably thinking I was a gullible person and that I would automatically believe in him. Why, think again!

'There is no catch, Kim,' he said and took my hand then held it close to his heart. 'The reason why I never had a girlfriend before and why I agreed to marry you is all because I love you, Kim.'

Seriously? Dang, I could feel like I was floating on a cloud nine right now. Henry Parker, the ultimate heartthrob of Carlson Davis High, was freaking in love with me? Geez, you've got to be kidding me. It was too good to be true.

'When I saw you with Zach at the park yesterday, my heart was shattered into million pieces. I didn't tell you my feelings because I was really scared,' he said and sighed. 'Please believe me.' Then he just started to cry. Seriously?

'I... I love you too,' I said and gulped. 'I just decided not to tell you because we hate each other so much.' He glanced up at me and there was a smile painted on his face.

Harry pulled me from my seat and placed me next to him at the backseat of the car. He interlaced his fingers with mine while his eyes were gazing at me meaningfully. Being in his arms made me feel at peace. If this was a dream, then I will surely won't try to wake up at all.

'We waited so many years, Kimberly Rae,' he said and smiled sweetly at me. 'I love you forever.'

Then he moved his face closer to mine and planted a soft kiss on my lips. It was so sweet. My heart was jumping up and down because of so much happiness. To be honest, I used to imagine myself being kissed by him. Yeah, it was slightly crazy and creepy. A bright light that almost blinded me was turned in our direction. It was dad holding a flashlight. His eyes widened when he saw Harry and I at the backseat. I pulled Harry away from me and turned to daddy.

'You better marry my precious daughter, young man!' Dad said and opened the door in my side. 'Now get out this instant!'

I turned to Harry and smiled at him. Months had passed and it was finally our wedding day. Who would have thought that the guy I once considered as my mortal enemy was also the same guy who turned as my husband in the end? I guess, I should thank my parents then for setting me up with him. Well, I was so happy that my life was now complete because he was finally here with me. We were never the strangers. He had always been the love of my life. My heart was just so dumb to process it before. This was my own happily ever after. I was never really a fan of it, but I was glad that I was given a chance to experience what it feels to have one. Now, I couldn't wait to start my ever after with Harry.

-The End-

Submitted: November 29, 2012

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I Loved it Reelly Good

Thu, November 29th, 2012 1:47pm


Hello there alex! Thank you so much for reading this! :) Really appreciate it! :)

Thu, November 29th, 2012 6:08am


i lvoe it

Thu, November 29th, 2012 7:22pm


hello there! Thanks

Thu, November 29th, 2012 7:10pm

Begginer Writer For Fun

Did you really made the cover?
Love it :)

Sat, December 1st, 2012 8:20am


Hey there :) Yes, I did! Thanks for reading!

Sat, December 1st, 2012 3:23am


Good story, unique concept....I liked it.

Tue, January 1st, 2013 10:35pm


thank you so much! :)

Sat, January 5th, 2013 8:01pm


awww so sweet! loved it :)

Mon, January 28th, 2013 1:06am


Haha. Thanks :)

Sun, January 27th, 2013 7:09pm


This is really great!
I love harry he's so sweet!

Fri, March 22nd, 2013 3:09pm


Thank you :) I love harry too!

Sat, March 23rd, 2013 7:42am

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