Cosmic Knight Episode 40 The Challenge

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Submitted: May 16, 2019

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Submitted: May 16, 2019



Hello guys. In last episode a person who and a wolf appeared. Max said their energy is of a Cosmic Knight. And Neo's was showing some strange signs, let's see who are they.

In the ground Leo said "Who are you guys?" The man replied "If you want to know you have to fight with us." King said "As the Cosmic ruler it's my duty to accept the battle. I ready for it."  "Let's begin." said the man.

King and the man along with wolf took the position for the battle. King and the man had swords in their hands. The man and the wolf were completely armoured as they were when they arrived. Soon the battle cry was made and the battle began.

King started with a mild attack but the man made the aggressive one. The wolf also attacked King but was unsuccessful. King then made some aggressive attacks but they had no effect on them. The man said "Is that all what you have?"

King said "Want the ruler come get him." And he made a mortal attack right on the mask of the wolf and wolf fainted and the chest of man. When he looked at the wolf it seemed familiar to him. King "That scar tha.." He was attacked by the man but was able to have a narrow escaped. And their swords and King said "Who are you and who is that wolf? Where did you got him?" The man replied "None of your business."

Laura and Max were watching them and Laura said "Max what King is saying to the man why he is not ending this?" Max replied "I think if I am correct I think it is worst battle for him."

King and the man had a couple of more attacks and King was able to destroy the mask of the man and what he saw shocked him from inside. The man was his dead grandfather, William. King said "Grandfather what happened to you?" The man replied "What you said? I am no ones grandfather." And strike of King's chest and King fall on ground. Instead of rising up King dropped his sword.

The man "King pick up your sword and fight with me." King said "You want my life, finish it." The man said "You moron pick up your weapon and fight. I am warrior I will not harm a unarmed man."

Max said "This is impossible I got to do something." Laura said "What you mean? Where are you going?" Max replied "Energy analysis, if he is Mr. Smith he must be under control of something, that must be attached to him. If.." Laura said "If it is destroyed we can save him." "Right, and according to my calculations it is on his upper back. Can you telepath it to King?" Laura replied "Already done."

In the battle ground King received the message from Laura. The man "Listen I don't know what you think? But this battle will end when one of us is dead." King replied "You are right. Let's end it." And King picked his sword and resumed the battle.

After a few attack King success in his motive. And the man fall on the ground and the armoured was dismantled by the strike.

At the Dark's ship.

Vetrion: My lord..

Dark: I know it would happen start the Plan B.

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