Match 31: Grand King Ghidorah vs. Godzilla, Gamera, Gomora, Titanosaurus, Gorosaurus, and Varan

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My version of Destroy All Monsters. Season 2 has finally begun.

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



Match 31

Grand King Ghidorah


 Godzilla, Gamera, Gomora, Titanosaurus, Gorosaurus, and Varan

All was silent and peaceful in the dead of space. Two satillites were floating around Earth scanning for any monster activity when suddenly the two satellites started blinking  rapidly as their sonars picked up a massive object heading towards Earth and its coming in fast but one of the satillites already managed to snap a photo and quickly deliver it to the Japanese military. The other satillite tried scanning the object for any life until an unknown red-orange object completely covers the satellties, when the object disappeared the satillites vanished without a trace. When the message was sent to Earth Japan’s military forces sprang into action and drove as fast as possible.

Japan’s military forces stops in an open field miles away from Hokkaido, a convoy drives in front of the army and turns sideways.

The Japanease general walks out of the convoy then brings out a photo he got from the satillite out of his coat pocket which reveals to be a giant fireball.

The Japanease general puts the photo away then looks up waiting for the fireball to show itself but he and his army didn’t have to wait long. In moments the fireball heads directly towards their deriction, the general widens his eyes realized the fireball was a lot bigger than he thought. The fireball suddenly came to a complete stop and floated there without making a sound.

“I think we’re going to need backup” said a japanese soldier.

“You maybe right” said the Japanease general.

The general brings out his phone and flips it open then diles several numbers in.

The phone starts to ring.

“Hello” said a mans voice.

“Hey its Katagiri we need your help” said Katagiri

“Sure thing on our way” responded the man voice.

Katagiri hangs up the phone and waits for backup.

The fireball suddenly makes a few cackling and growling sounds.

“Sir what was that” said another japanese soldier

Suddenly the ground shook lightly, Katagiri looks back to see their ally show up and aid them in whatever is going on.

“So they finally arrive” said Katagiri

Katagiri watches as a convoy with an American flag on it stops beside his convoy.

The general of the U.S. army walks out of the convoy and walks over to Katagiri.

“Anderson long time no see how are you” said Katagiri?

“Good, whats the problem” said general Anderson?

Katagiri points at the sky, general Anderson looks at the direction to where his ally was pointing at.

“Good God what is that thing” said Anderson?

“I don’t know I've been trying to firgure that”

Cackling sounds came out of the fireball again.

“What was that noise” said general Anderson?

Suddenly the fireball made a few rumbling sounds and begins to shrink. Both generals widen their eyes in shock at this strange event.

“Sir I don’t think this is a fireball” said a japanease soldier

“General what should we do” said a U.S. soldier

“Contact the air force” said general Anderson

“Yes sir” said the U.S. soldier

“Call the air force”commanded Katagiri

“Yes sir” said the japanese soldier

Katagiri and Anderson both look at the shrinking fireball waiting for something to happened.

Within seconds both U.S. and Japans air forces arrive flying over the armies and the shrinking fireball.

Suddenly the fireball began to take shape.

Katagiri widens his eyes in horror.

“That’s no fireball thats a monster” said Katagiri

“A WHAT” shouted Anderson

The fireball started to develop gigantic wings, twin tails and three heads. The fireball slowly began to form into the shape a three headed monster. The monster rose up and cackles into the sky.

“No not him whys he here” said Katagiri scared.

“Who is that” said Anderson?

“King Ghidorah” responded Katagiri.

“King Ghi-who” said Anderson curiously

“A monster that terrorized my country for years but somethings funny about it” said Katagiri

 Over the years evolution has changed King Ghidorah, through adaption his wings grew larger, his three heads grew antlers and is bigger than he was before. Evolution has transformed King Ghidorah into Grand King Ghidorah.

“Finally I’ll have my revenge all units prepare to fire” shouted Katagiri.

“Ready men” shouted general Anderson.

“All units FIRE” said both generals.

“Show King Ghidorah Hell on Earth” said Katagiri.

Fighter jets circled around and fired bullets, missiles, bombs and lasers. The marines fired bullets, rocket launchers, tanks, maser cannons, heat seekers and bazookas. Attack helicopters fired machine guns, missiles and bombs.

All weapons flew and soared around King Ghidorah then explodes with ungodly force covering the king of terror in a giant cloud of smoke.

The explosion was as loud and powerful as two atomic bombs.

“Hold your fire everyone” commanded Katagiri

The smoke started to clear as both generals took a closer look but widen their eyes in horror as King Ghidorah was unharmed and unphased by the blast.

“What that’s impossible theres not a scratch on that thing” said general Anderson

Grand King Ghidorah cackles in laughter, two fighter jets circled around the dragon only to get destroyed by the space demons demonic twin spiked tails.

“This isn’t good we need to get out of here” said Anderson.

“All units re…”

Suddenly Grand King Ghidorah leans his heads back and fired his triple gravity beams showing the U.S. and Japanease army real Hell, the beams hit the ground causing every military weapon to explode leaving a trail of fire behind almost killing everybody only Katagiri, Anderson and a few soldiers survived.

Grand King Ghidorah roars then lands to the ground, the dragon looks at Katagiri and the others and walks over to finish off the remains.

“I can’t move a muscle” said Anderson frightened.

“Me to he’s a lot stronger then I remembered” said Katagiri.

“What should we do sir” said a surviving U.S. soldier

“Pray to God for a miracle” said Anderson

King Ghidorah continues to advance forward when suddenly the ground started to shake, both generals look around but ghidrah was unaffected by the event, the dragon took one more step only for the ground to explode under his foot. King Ghidorah staggers back then looks at his attacker another monster climbs out of the ground and roars at the king of terror.

“I don’t believe it I thought he was dead” said Katagiri

“ Who is that” said Anderson

“Gomora” replied Katagiri

“I’ve never seen a monster like this before the only ones I’ve seen were a giant gorilla and a large iguana-like creature” said Anderson.

“I think their going to fight sir” said a U.S. soldier

Gomora roars then struck his fists together and charged after ghidrah but King Ghidorah flies over the dinosaur dodging his attack. King Ghidorah lands to the ground and turns around then sees Gomora turn around and stare at him. Both monsters stare at each other for a few seconds only for Gomora to charge after ghidrah again but the dragon flew over and kicks the prehistoric monster in the back of the head knocking him to the ground.

Grand King Ghidorah lands to the ground and turns around watching Gomora get back on his feet and shakes his head, the dinosaur gets back on his feet and turns around but this time he didn’t charge.

Grand King Ghidorah cackles telling his opponent to surrender but Gomora roars back in defiance both dragon and dinosaur growl and look at each other then in a split second charge at eack other.

Gomora struck first headbutting Ghidorah in the chest briefly staggering the dragon back then lashed out punching the three headed demon in the gut, one of ghidrahs heads lashed out trying to bite the dinosaurs' head but he smacks it away then continues his assualt. Grand King Ghidorah looks down at Gomora this creatures strong but not strong enough ghidrah grunts getting the prehistoric monsters attention. Gomora stops and looks up at ghidrah only for the dragon to slam his knee into his gut lifting him up in the air then bringing him down. King Ghidorah backs away and watches as Gomora grab his stomach and drops to his knees screeching in pain the dragon enjoyed this creatures suffering but it wasn't enough he wanted more, bones breaking should be enough.

Grand King Ghidorah roars into the sky and charges after Gomora. Gomora looks up only to receive a kick to the face sending the dinosaur flying and crashing to the ground on his back the burrowing kaiju screeches in pain and agony.

“Gomora doesn’t stand a chance” said Katagiri

The ground shook multiple times behind Katagiri and the others. While he could still feel the pain Gomora felt the ground shake under him to but it was shaking multiple times and their big, another monster was coming and he knew exactly who it was all he needed to do is stall Ghidorah which wasn’t hard becauce the dragon was using him as a punching bag.

Grand King Ghidorah cackles then jumps in the air and free falls towards Gomora. Gomora looks to the right and saw another monster walk through the trees the dinosaur grunts in relief but King Ghidorah already began his attack, the dragon slams his massive foot on the dinosaurs gut knocking the wind out of him. Gomora gives one last shreik before slumping to the ground. Grand King Ghidorah goes for the finishing blow but something caught his attention the dragon looks to the left and got the biggest surprise in his entire life the hydra lifts his foot and turns his attention away from Gomora and onto his old rival.

“What his King Ghidorah looking at, did he spot us”? said Anderson.

A Japanease soldier looks behind him and widens his eyes then taps on Katagiris’ shoulder trying to get his attention Katagiri looks at his soldier then turns around only to see something that will forever haunt him in his memories.

“No first King Ghidorah now him were doomed” said Katagiri

General Anderson looks at Katagiri then turns around and looks up.

“Holy crap what is this thing it looks almost just like that monster that attacked New York” said Anderson.

Katagiri didn’t respond all that was in his mind was…fear.

Grand King Ghidorah cackles at this familiar monster it had rows of spines from head to tail, charcoal gray skin and devil-like eyes. King Ghidorah cackles with glee he will finally have his revenge on his archrival.

Gomora comes to and catches his breath he then spots ghidrah and gets back on his feet then limps away from the dragon quietly, the saurian turns his head and spot his new friend preparing to fight the king of terror.

“Katagiri who or what is this thing”? said Anderson.

“Gojira” responded Katagiri in fear

“No way this thing can't be Gojira can it” said Anderson surprised

Katagiri looks at Anderson and shakes his head. Anderson widens his eyes and looks back at the monster.

“I think we should get out of the way” said a U.S. soldier.

“Agreed” said everyone else.

Katagiri and the others ran for their lives trying to find cover they managed to find and hide behind a tank still intacted.

Grand King Ghidorah cackles as Godzilla creates a thunderous earth shaking roar which gave even King Ghidorah a cause for alarm. Both enemys stare at each other for a few seconds then charge. Both Godzilla and King Ghidorah clashed. Godzilla struck first punching the dragon in the chest and gut but Ghidrah lashed out with all three heads but the king of the monsters saw this coming and smacks two of the heads away then grabs Grand King Ghidorahs middle head, the atomic saurian clinches his fist and starts punching him repeativly in the timple and jaw.

Godzilla punches King Ghidorah one more time then releases him letting him stagger back temporarily stunned. Ghidrah shakes his heads then charges after Godzilla but the atomic saurian lashed out with some more punchs then pushes the hydra back.

Grand King Ghidorah growls in anger then tries using his gravity bolts but Godzilla turns around and slams his massive tail on the dragons side sending him flying but the king of terror recovers and lands on his feet then watches the king of the monsters turn around and roar at him.

Grand King Ghidorah growls then charges after Godzilla. Godzilla braces for impact but King Ghidrorah jumps over his archrival and flies away, the atomic saurian turns his head and saw the space dragon leaving, the king of the monsters wouldn’t allow this Godzilla clinches his fists as blue radioactive energy covered his dorsal spines.

Godzilla roars at King Ghidorah then opens his mouth firing his atomic ray at the space dragon, the beam almost hits its mark but its target moves out of the way, Grand King Ghidorah turns around and looks down at the monster king. Grand King Ghidorah roars at Godzilla then leans all three heads back. Godzilla curls his lips and makes another thunderous roar then blue radioactive energy starts flowing around the dinosaurs dorsal spines and into the back of his throat.

Grand King Ghidorah thrusts his heads forward and fires his triple gravity beam but Godzilla opens his mouth and fires his atomic ray. Both beams collided with tremendous force causing a short 9.5 magnitude.

The United states army, the Japanease army and Gomora were in shock to see the raw power of both Godzilla and King Ghidorah. Gomora has fought many monsters back in the past and has defeated them all but since he saw a fight between Godzilla and a giant lobster he thought maybe there are other monsters that are not made to be messed with.

Godzilla and King Ghidorah are evenly matched but the dinosaurs power was proven to strong. Godzillas’ ray overpowers Ghidrahs lighting and continues to come closer to the dragon. King Ghidorah uses his wings to quickly cover his body letting Godzillas beam hit him.

“What power even Godzillas gotten stronger” said Katagiri

Godzillas beam blasts Ghidorah and begins to cover ghidrahs entire body engulfing him in a ball of atomic energy. Grand King Ghidorah didn’t make a sound all he can do was endure the blast.

Godzillas ray blasts the three headed dragon back then in the blink of an eye the king of terror explodes.

Gomora recovers from ghidrahs attack and runs over to aid Godzilla. While running Gomora pumps orange-red energy around his head crests and into his nasel horn.

Gomora stops beside Godzilla and fires his super oscillatory wave. Godzilla, still firing his beam, notices Gomora standing next to him firing his energy beam the atomic dinosaur ignores the other dinosaur and looks back at King Ghidorah.

Gomoras energy wave makes contact with Godzillas heat ray making the explosion more powerful. Both Godzilla and Gomora stop their attacks and takes a few deep breaths.

“They did it” said Anderson

Gomora roars in victory then saw Godzilla staring at him. Gomora was nervous and didn’t know what Godzilla was going to do to him until the king of the monsters nods his head giving him some respect. Gomora tilts his head in confusion at first he thought this monster was very aggressive apparently not. Godzilla saw King Ghidorah and rushed over to try and kill him this time but instead he saw this monser fight the three headed hydra alone only him, Anguirus, and Rodan had the courage to fight the dragon but since he saw this monster fight Ghidorah he deserves to have some respect and because of this he will be happy to have this monster as an ally.

Godzilla soon heard cackling in the sky and turns his head only to see King Ghidorah blow the smoke away. Gomora and the U.S. and Japanese army were in shock to see ghidrah still alive but how? Godzilla wasn’t surprised though he had a feeling that might happen.

A buzzing sound caught Godzillas and Gomoras attention both saurians look to their right and saw a spinning object come out of the clouds and heads directly towards King Ghidorah.

“Sir look what is that thing”? said a U.S. soldier.

Anderson looks at the direction where the soldier  pointing at.

"What in the world is that thing" said Anderson.

Katagiri looks at the same direction but didn't respond.

The object flies down towards Ghidrah at full speed, Godzilla and Gomora continue to follow track of the spinning object, Grand King Ghidorah prepares to dive down but notices his enemys were looking at a different direction the ancient dragon tilts all three heads then turns around only to see an object come out of nowhere and slam into him knocking him back. The object pushes King Ghidorah then stops midflight, Ghidorah uses his wings to recover from the objects sudden attack then investigates the mysterious flying object.

The object suddenly moves in an upward position, Godzilla took a closer look and instantly recognized who it was, Gomora on the other hand scratches his head still trying to figure out who or what this monster is all he sees are blue flames and nothing else. The blue flames on top of the object suddenly disappear then a pair of arms and a head burst out of the confines of their frontal shape revealing King Ghidorahs new opponent.

“Well I’ll be if it isn’t Gamera” said Katagiri

“Gamera; How many monsters are there?” said Anderson

“Tons” replied Katagiri

Gamera roars challenging the great dragon, Grand King Ghidorah couldn’t turn down a challenge, the dragon roars accepting Gameras' challenge. Gamera growls then charges after King Ghidorah, Ghidrah cackles then fires his gravity beams at the giant turtle but Gamera saw the beams coming and dodged them then rams the golden dragon pushing him back but the space tyrant lashed out with one of his tails smacking the Guardian of the Universe in the face then knees him in the gut knocking him back but the turtles shell manages to absorb most of the blow.

Gamera backs away then opens his mouth firing a giant fireball at the great dragon, the fireball makes contact blasting ghidrah in the chest exploding around him then engulfing him in a smoke cloud.

Gamera, Godzilla, Gomora, Katagiri, and the others watch on as the dragon is surrounded by smoke. Under the smoke cloud bits of ghidrahs body appear from under the cloud and falls to the ground. Gamera looks down then looks back at the smoke cloud the smoke begans to clear but the Gaurdian of the Universe shreiks in surprise as King Ghidorah was still alive with nothing but a dent the flying turtle looked at the dragon in shock his attack did little damage.

Evolution didn’t just transform King Ghidorah but it gave him a new ability as well his scales can use the light from energy projectiles to form a barrier making the dragon all to powerful. King Ghidorah cackles in laughter then dashes after Gamera. Gamera shreiks in surprise then gets bodyslammed by the dragon but ghidrah wasn’t done the dragon lashed out with two of his heads biting down on the giant turtle by the arms. Gamera shreiks as he is helplessly pulled towards King Ghidorah, Godzilla tries to help out by firing his atomic ray but the beam reflected off the dragons barrier and hits the ground.

“This is not good that dragon is to strong” said Anderson

Grand King Ghidorahs center head looks down at Godzilla and Gomora then turns his attention back to Gamera, the turtle shreiks in panic and tries to struggle but the dragons' biting grip was to strong. Grand King Ghidorah lifts his legs up then uses his other heads to move Gamera under him then releases the turtle and kicks him with his powerful legs sending the custodian crashing to the ground.

Gomora quickly runs towards the falling Gamera and slides on his back, the dinosaur lifts his arms up catches Gamera breaking his fall and saving his life, the giant turtle gets off of the dinosaur and lets him get back on his feet. Gomora gets back on his feet and lends Gamera a helping hand.

Gamera grabs Gomoras hand and lets his new ally help him get back on his feet, the giant reptile grunts appreciating the dinosaurs help, the monster prince shakes his head then he and the giant turtle look up at King Ghidorah.

Playtime is over.

Grand King Ghidorah roars into the sky then opens his mouths and spreads his wings firing a barrage of gravity bolts down at the three Earth defenders but the lighting only blasts Gamera and Gomora knocking them to the ground, Godzilla walks over to his allies to try and help them but the king of terror had other plans for the king of the monsters. Grand King Ghidorah dives down at Godzilla and lashed out with his legs bodyslamming his archenemy to the ground, ghidrah jumps off of the atomic saurian and slams his massive foot on the dinosaurs gut crushing him until his bones break.

“No this isn’t good even with their combined strength they are still no match for that thing” said Anderson

Katagiri widens his eyes then looks at Gamera and Gomora their alive but unable to move when suddenly he heard a strange cackling sound coming from behind some trees something was coming and it was coming fast.

Grand King Ghidorah leans down and prepares to end Godzilla, ghidrah opens his three mouths ready to tear his archenemys head off when out of nowhere something slams into him and pushes him back causing him to crash to the ground. Godzilla grunts then gets back on his feet and looks at his savior the nuclear leviathan grunts in surprise as the other monster looks back at the king of the monsters revealing to be Titanosaurus another one of his enemys.

King Ghidorah gets back on his feet and looks at his new attacker. Titanosaurus looks back at King Ghidrah then grunts telling Godzilla to go help the other two the monster king grunts refusing to listen but the aquatic dinosaur did not take no for an answer and roars at him telling him to go or suffer more injury. Godzilla growls at Titanosaurus but walks over to Gamera and Gomora to try and give them a helping hand.

Titanosaurus looks back at Grand King Ghidorah growling in rage only he will defeat Godzilla not some three-headed psychopath. King Ghidorah looks at this thing in anger he thought this creature was an enemy of Godzilla why would he attack him but it doesn’t matter now Titanosaurus attacked him which means he is an enemy now.

“Titanosaurus I thought Godzilla killed him years ago” said Katagiri

“Apparently not” said Anderson

Godzilla walks over to Gamera and Gomora to try and help them but the other saurian got back on his feet and shook his head, the giant turtle had some difficulty though.

Godzilla and Gomora look at Gamera then walks over to him and helps the giant turtle get back on his feet. Gamera shakes his head then grunts thanking his allies for the help.

Titanosaurus looks at Gomora, Gamera, and Godzilla then back at Grand King Ghidorah, the aquatic dinosaur lets out a frighting growl then roars into the sky shaking the Earth in the proccess showing King Ghidorah his raw power the ancient dragon takes one step back and growls finally a worthy opponent.

Titanosaurus clinches his fists and charges after King Ghidorah. Grand King Ghidorah dashes forward ready to tear the dinosaur apart.

Both monsters clashed but somehow Titanosaurus gained the upperhand by knocking ghidrah back with his shoulder then punching him in the chest and ribs the king of terror lashed out with his knee but the prehistoric throwback grabs it and pushes the dragon away making him stagger. Grand King Ghidorah growls this monster is good but he was better, the dragon goes for his lighting attack but Titanosaurus ran as fast as possible and jumps in the air lashing out with both of his legs kicking the great dragon in chest literally sending him flying and crashing on his back. Titanosaurus lands to the ground and looks at the proned form of King Ghidorah then looks at Godzilla and the others.

Godzilla couldn’t believe what he was seeing it takes him a while to take down King Ghidorah but it only took seconds for Titanosaurus to take him out has he been hiding this much strength? Apparently it was luck that took down Titanosaurus not him. Both Gamera and Gomora look at Titanosaurus in shock and surprise their just might be a chance of winning this fight.

Grand King Ghidorah comes to and takes a few deep breaths then felt pain in his left rib this is the first time in years besides Godzilla to injure him but it wasn't severe. King Ghidorah manages to get back on his feet and shake his heads Titanosaurus turns his attention away from his new allies and on to ghidrah.

Grand King Ghidorah cackles then looks at Titanosaurus growling in rage looks like he’ll just have to blow his opponent away literally, the king of terror spreads his wings revealing his full length. Titanosaurus cackles in surprise but comes to his senses and snaps his tail open revealing a large fan-like fin.

“This is big I haven’t seen so much monsters in one area” said Katagiri.

“Crap this isn’t good its like we traveled back in time to a prehistoric brawl” said Anderson.

King Ghidorah looks at Titanosaurus then flap his gigantic wings creating huge hurricane winds.

Titanosaurus quickly turns around and moves his tail from side to side creating his own gale force winds.

Both winds collided creating a giant wind.

Godzilla, Gamera, and Gomora felt the wind cover them but they managed to cover theirs faces and continue to watch King Ghidorah and Titanosaurus fight.

Both monsters a evenly matched not giving each other the upper hand when suddenly the wind begin to shift and rotate forming a tornado but King Ghidorah and Titanosaurus were not paying attention and still unleashed more powerful winds.

“Ah man this is bad if this keeps up were going to have an F5 tornado on our hands” said a U.S. soldier.

Suddenly a gigantic tornado formed in the middle of the wind collision. Godzilla, Gomora and Gamera dug their hands in the ground trying to hold on.

Katagiri and the others grabbed a few tree holding on tight trying not to get blown away.

Titanosaurus and King Ghidorah stop their attacks but the tornado still grew bigger. Trees, tanks, and debris started to circle around the tornado, the cyclone started to pull Gamera, Gomora and even Godzilla towards it but somehow King Ghidorah and Titanosaurus were uneffected.

“I was wrong its not an F5 tornado its an F6” said a U.S. soldier still holding on to the tree

“I hate my job if we survive I quit” said general Anderson.

Grand King Ghidorah roars into the sky then uses his wings to blow the tornado as hard as possible towards Titanosaurus, the tornado spins directly towards the aquatic dinosaur trying to pull in the prehistoric throwback but the dinosaur wasn’t moving a muscle.

Titanosaurus, with his back turned to the tornado, closes his eyes and waits for the right moment for the tornado to come closer within minutes the twister came closer and closer to the water dinosaur. Grand King Ghidorah cackles with pleasure as another monster will fall to its demise, Titanosaurus clinches his fists then opens his eyes the aquatic saurian turns around and swats the F6 tornado away with ease instantly stoping the hurricane forced tornado saving Godzilla and the others.

Grand King Ghidorah widens all six of his eyes and roars in surprise this monster is a lot more tougher then he thought…perfect.

Godzilla looks at Titanosaurus surprised then looks at King Ghidorah and figured their evenly matched.

Katagiri and the others land to the ground dazed but they managed to get back on their feet.

“Sir look a convoy and its still intact” said a U.S. soldier

“Good now we can get the heck out of here” said Anderson

“Katagiri you coming”? said Anderson.

“No I’m staying” replied Katagiri.

“Suit yourself” said Anderson

General Anderson and the rest of the soldiers climbed into the convoy, one of the soldiers got into the front of the convoy and started the engine. The convoy started up and the U.S. and the remaining Japanease army drove away leaving Katagiri behind. Katagiri turns around and watches the monsters fight.

Titanosaurus roars at King Ghidorah then charges after him Grand King Ghidorah cackles then dashes after the aquatic dinosaur. Both monsters clashed, Titanosaurus punches ghidrah repeatedly in the gut knocking him back but the dragon lashed out with one his heads only for the dinosaur to jump back. Titanosaurus growls and dashes forward only for King Ghidorah to move out of the way and clamp two of his jaws down on the back the aquatic saurians neck.

Godzilla, Gamera and Gomora widen their eyes in shock. Gomora fires his oscillatory wave at Ghidrah but the blast harmlessly bounced off of the dragons barrier and destroys a few trees.

Gamera spots some fire near the destoyed tanks and debris the turtle closes his eyes causing the fire to levitate in the sky. Godzilla and Gomora look at Gamera then the fire. Gamera opens his eyes then moves his head using the fire to shot towards King Ghidorah, the flames hit home but it only did little damage by burning his wing.

Grand King Ghidorah cackles then lifts Titanosaurus up in the air, the dragon spins him around a few times and throws him towards Godzilla and the others. Titanosaurus slams to the ground in front of Gamera the giant turtle offers to help his fallen ally but the dinosaur refuses and gets back on his feet then turns around and looks at King Ghidorah.

Grand King Ghidorah lowers his three demonic heads growling at the four defenders the dragon walks towards his opponents cackling in laughter.

Godzilla growls and walks in front of Gamera, Gomora and Titanosaurus its his turn to fight  he’s the only one right now who doesn’t have any injuries the monster king curls his lips and roars in the sky telling his archrival he’s not backing down, King Ghidorah was hoping for this. Godzilla begins to charge but stops and saw a blue figure run towards Ghidorah from behind, the monster king backs away and watches.

Grand King Ghidorah begins to charge but something hits him from behind and knocks him to the ground one of the dragons heads looks back and saw a blue monster stand on him. Godzilla grunts in surprise looks like he wanted join in the fight to. Gamera, Gomora, and Titanosaurus looks at this new arrival one of King Ghidorahs heads look up to see Gorosaurus rear his head back roaring in the sky the blue allosaur didn’t come alone though as another monster dives down from the clouds and lands in front of the hydra.

King Ghidorahs two other heads look up to see the triphibian lizard Varan show up to fight him. Godzilla grunts in surprise what is Varan doing hear last time he saw him he was flying towards another island guess he wanted to tag along to.

Gorosaurus and Varan roar at King Ghidorah and attack the dragon, the hydras right head tries to clamp on the blue dinosaurs leg but the giant allosaur lashed out with his jaws clamping down on the dragons head. King Ghidorahs two other heads try to fire their gravity bolts but Varan grabs the hydras middle head then stomps on the dragons left head.

Gomora quietly backs away and thrusts his arms into the ground and digging into the dirt. Gamera and Titanosaurus turn around to find Gomora was gone they search all over but couldn’t find their ally.

Varan and Gorosaurus continue their attacks but Ghidrah had other plans the dragon lifts his tails and struck the blue tyrannosaur in the back causing him to release his toothy grip, King Ghidorahs freed head opens its mouth and fires his gravity bolt at the stunned dinosaur forcing him off of him. Grand King Ghidorah gets back on his feet but Varan still had his other heads it didn’t matter though this monster wasn’t as strong as the others the hydras freed head looks down at the obaki and head butts him in the side sending him flying towards Godzilla and Titanosaurus.

Gorosaurus grunts then gets back on his feet and charges after King Ghidorah. Gorosaurus opens his mouth and clamps down on one of Ghidrahs tails Grand King Ghidorah looks back at the oversized tyrannosaur and growls.

Varan gets back on his feet and watches his friend fights King Ghidorah.

Gorosaurus tugs and pulls on Ghidrahs tail but the hydra uses his tails to wrap around the dinosaurs jaws. Gorosaurus shreiks in shock and tries to break free but it was no good.


Grand King Ghidorah cackles at Gorosaurus then lifts him off his feet, the dragon spins around and swings his tail throwing the giant t-rex towards his allies. Gorosaurus slams on Godzilla, Varan, Titanosaurus and Gamera knocking them all to the ground, Grand King Ghidorah chuckles then walks towards the Earth defenders but something wasn’t right, King Ghidorah stops and looks at the opposing monsters then he noticed Gomora was gone the hydra shreiks in curiosity were did he go?

Grand King Ghidorah looks left and right but couldn’t find his sixth opponent suddenly the ground under ghidrah began to rise. King Ghidorah looks down only to see Gomora burst out of the ground and jab his nasal horn into his midsection. King Ghidorah shreiks in agony then looks down only to see Gomora surge his oscillatory wave into him the great dragon shreiks in agonizing pain. Grand King Ghidorah wildly moves his heads around but the three headed dragon manages to lunge two of his heads at Gomora.

King Ghidorah clamps down on Gomoras head and neck causing him to stop his attack and screech in pain and shock, Ghidorah moves the dinosaur away from him and lifts him up in the air. Gomora struggles to break free but the dragons grip was strong, Grand King Ghidorahs middle head growls then with little effort slams the subterranean dinosaur to the ground, the king of terror releases the weakling and slams his massive foot on him.

Gomora screams at the top of his lungs then slumps to the ground out cold. Godzilla, Gamera, Titanosaurus, Gorosaurus and Varan heard the scream and all of them raise their heads. The Earth defenders lower their heads growling in rage then in a split second all monsters shot out from ground and charged after Grand King Ghidorah like a herd of stampeding elephants. Gamera and Varan flew into the air while Godzilla, Titanosaurus and Gorosaurus ran at their top speed.

Grand King Ghidorah cackles with pleasure but felt the earth shake under his feet the dragon grunts then turns around only to see Titanosaurus tackle him while grabbing onto him and slamming him to the ground, Varan lands in front of Gomora and grabs his arms dragging him away from the fight, Gorosaurus joins in and clamps down on the hydras wing.

Godzilla stops and roars calling Gamera. Gamera looks back and turns around and flies towards Godzilla, the king of the monsters brings his arms up, the Gaurdian of the Universe grunts but knew what his ally was trying to do. Gamera hovers over Godzilla and grabs his arms lifting him up in the air.

Gorosaurus and Titanosaurus continued their assault on King Ghidorah, the aquatic dinosaur pummels the dragons chest and ribs while Gorosaurus continues to clamp down on the dragons wing. King Ghidorah lashed out with one of his heads but Titanosaurus grabs it and slams his fist into it knocking a few teeth out and slamming it to the ground.

The center head tries to fire his gravity beam but Gorosaurus releases Ghidorahs wing and bites down on his snout closing the dragons jaw shut. Varan puts Gomora near a few trees and rushes over to aid his allies, the obaki lunges forward and grabs Ghidorahs twin tails.

Gamera and Godzilla flew higher and higher into the air until the atomic saurian roars telling the giant turtle to stop, the giant reptile looks at his ally then stops. Godzillla looks down and roars at the top of his lungs warning the rest of the monsters.

Titanosaurus, Varan and Gorosaurus, still holding Ghidrahs head, looks up saw Godzilla and Gamera high in the air all three monsters widens their eyes in surprise the blue tyrannosaur releases the dragons head and moves out of the way, the triphibian lizard drops Ghidrahs tails and runs a safe distance away, the aquatic saurian on the other hand looks back down at the great dragon and punches all three of his heads as hard as he could rendering him uncontious. Titanosaurus stops his attack and gets off of King Ghidorah then runs next to Varan and Gorosaurus, the three reptiles roar into the sky signaling Gamera and Godzilla.

Godzilla nods his head then roars telling Gamera to drop him, the turtle agrees then roars at the top of his lungs, the Gaurdian of the Universe releases the King of the Monsters letting him fall directly towards the King of Terror Grand King Ghidorah. Titanosaurus and the rest of the monster watch on as Godzilla plummets towards Ghidorah like a meteor, the monster king was closing in he concentrates letting atomic energy flow around his body. Grand King Ghidorah slowly opens all six of his eyes and looks up only to see a blueish green figure fall towards him, the dragon looks closely and realized it’s Godzilla falling towards him. King Ghidorah shrieks in shock and tries to get up quickly but Godzilla came in fast and bodyslams Ghidorah causing him along with the monster king to explode in a small atomic bomb-like attack.

Titanosaurus, Gorosaurus and Varan watched as the smoke covered botg King Ghidorah and Godzilla. Gamera, still flying high in the air, spots a blue light on the ground, the turtle grunts then flies down towards the rest of the monsters to watch the event.

Katagiri lifts his arm covering his face from the dirt and debris when the blast stopped he puts his arm down and continues to watch the monsters fight.

Gamera lands next to Titanosaurus and the others to watch the smoke begin to clear but when the giant dirt cloud began to disappear a shadow of Godzilla could be seen within it rising from the attack. Godzilla walks out of the smoke cloud uninjured the monster king walks towards Gamera and the rest of the monsters. Titanosaurus looks behind his old rival and saw King Ghidorahs figure lying on the ground.

Titanosaurus walks around Godzilla and snaps his tail open. Godzilla looks back at Titanosaurus while the rest of the monsters tilt and scratch their heads. Titanosaurus turns around and moves his tail from side to side blowing the cloud that covered Ghidorah when the smoke disappeared Godzilla and the rest of the monsters walk towards the prone form of King Ghidorah or what was left of him. Godzillas attack tour off chunks of King Ghidorahs wings, the dragons left head is torn from it’s socket and his tails are missing and his body was badly burned. Grand King Ghidorahs forcefield managed to absorb most of the blast but couldn’t withstand it for long though the dragon does have eternal life but he does however have his limits so that is what brought his demis.

Godzilla, Titanosaurus and the rest of the defenders roar in victory, Gomora slowly opens his eyes and takes a deep breath the dinosaur is badly injured and weak but he was still able to get back on his feet the subterranean reptile lifts his head spotting Godzilla and the others roaring did they defeat King Ghidorah? The ancient relic limps towards his allies and new friendsand roars out trying to call anyone who can hear him Gamera hear the roar and looks back to see his ally still alive.

Gamera roars getting the other monsters attention Godzilla, Gorosaurus, and the others look at the giant turtle then behind them. All the monsters rush forward to see Gomora only for him drop to one knee Varan noticed and quickly ran towards the dinosaurs side helping him on his feet Gamera joins in to help out while Godzilla, Titanosaurus and Gorosaurus stand in front of him. Gamera and Varan help lift Gomora on his feet Gorosaurus examines his allies wounds he’s all bruised up but at least he’s alive. Gomora and the rest of the monsters laughed and groaned. Gomora lowers his head because it kinda hurts to laugh now he then narrows his eyes behind Godzilla and Gorosaurus suddenly the laughter turns into a scream of fright as the ancient dinosaur widens his eyes in shock as Grand King Ghidorah slowly gets back on his feet.

Gomora screeches telling all his friends to look out, Godzilla looks down at his ally then turns around only to see King Ghidorah back on his feet, Titanosaurus and the rest of the defenders turn around to see the dragon still alive that's impossible no one can survive that he just won’t quit, Gamera and Varan gently lay Gomora down and rush over to thier allies side.

Grand King Ghidorah looks at his six opponents then screams in agonizing pain the dragon was to injured to fight again with one head gone and no tails he can’t take much more, blood was oozing out everywhere from out of his chest and out of his stub of a neck. With no other option King Ghidorah limply turns around and flies into the sky retreating until he can fight another day. Godzilla and the other monsters sigh in relief then turn their attentions to Gomora who still had a hard time trying to keep his footing Gamera and Varan helped out the injured dinosaur keep his balance.

Godzilla grunts then turns his head and spots Katagiri standing there looking at them the King of the Monster growls but didn’t do anything.

(What are you looking at Godzilla) thought Katagiri.

“You and I still have a score to settle but maybe next time just you wait Godzilla I will have my revenge” said Katagiri

Godzilla grunts he felt the exact same way, the atomic saurian turns away from Katagiri and onto his allies.

Godzilla roars telling everyone to return to Monster Island Gamera, Gorosaurus, Varan, Gomora and even Titanosaurus agreed. Gamera releases Gomoras and walks in front of him, Varan also releases the dinosaur and walks away. Gomora tilts his head but figured out what Gamera was trying to do, the ancient relic limps over and climbs on the turtles back. Godzilla, Titanosaurus, and Gorosaurus head towards the sea while Gamera and Varan fly overhead.

All the monsters swim and flew back to Monster Island ready to enjoy a long and peaceful rest.

Katagiri smiles then turns around walking on the road where the convoy was on.

(Someday Godzilla…Someday) thought Katagiri.

In the dead of space blood of the great dragon King Ghidorah floats harmlessly around the area where the demon slumbers, the pain was agonizing but he was glad to be alive he will have his revenge but in the meantime he well rest until his wounds heal which would take years or so for him to. The great dragon curls his body and incases himself in a meteor-like barrier the space tyrant propels his resting place in a gigantic astroid digging deep into the rocks core where no one can find him.

When his wounds heal and his head regenerates he will show Earth a living Hell but until then he will sleep for a long time.



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