Match 32: Anguirus vs. Telesdon

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Telesdon has set his sights on Utah and wants to cause havoc but little did he know he was in someones territory.

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



Match 32

Anguirus vs. Telesdon


It was a hot and sunny day in Utah a farmer and his wife returned from the city to enjoy a peaceful day at home the farmers wife gets out of the truck and walks in the house their dog followed shortly after. The farmer gets out of the truck and walks around to get the food for their horses and cows, his wife walks over to the backyard to see if their animals are safe and sound, they were enjoying a peaceful day around the farm even the sight was relaxing. When the farmer’s wife opens the door all that peace soon turned into horror as the farmer heard his wife scream at the top of her lungs the farmer drops the food and rushes over to his wife.

When the farmer came out of the house he saw his wife stand their motionless he walks over to her side and saw her face as pale as a ghosts her eyes were as wide as ping-pong balls. The farmer turns his head and looks at the spot where his wife is looking at only to have the the same expression on his face as his wife.

Out on the field their horses and cows were mutilated by an unknown animal some cows have been cleaved from their flesh while the horses have been clawed and bitten however only one horse had survived the onslaught with only cuts and bruises.

The farmer went back in the house to try and call the cops but an earthquake appears out of nowhere and almost destroys the house, the farmer quickly runs out of the house and tries to get his wife and dog but when the quake stopped all was quiet, the farmer and his wife look around when suddenly the ground a few miles away from them exploded behind some trees the dog ran in the house terrified as the farmer and his wife watched on as something emerges from the ground the farmer widens his eyes as a monster rose out of the ground and roars out a sickening cackle.

The farmer looks at his dead cows then at the monsters teeth.....they matched. The farmer looks around and spots his rifle he quickly runs up and grabs the gun then aims it at the monster.

The farmers wife screamed as the monster Telesdon spots the two human standing there, the farmer fired his weapon at the monster but the bullets bounced off of his skin. Telesdon roars and charges after the humans wanting to eat and devour them. The farmer and his wife were paralyzed with fear when suddenly Telesdon came to a stop and looked over their house. The farmer looks down only to see a gigantic shadow cover him and his wife he looks up and sees another monster over their house. The monster jumps over his house and roars at Telesdon.

Telesdon growls at this other monster angered that it would dare stand in his way. The other monster known as Anguirus made its home here in Utah and if anyone disturb his home their as good as gone. Telesdon roars as Anguirus howls and charges after this intruder.

Telesdon thrusts his arms forward and dashes after Anguirus. Both monsters clashed but Anguirus struck first jabbing his nasal horn under his opponents’ jaw causing him to stagger and grab his mouth. Telesdon rubs his lower jaw then looks back at Anguirus only to see him lunge forward and clamp his jaws around his arm.

Telesdon screams in pain and tries to dislodge the quadruped but his grip was strong, Anguirus violently shakes his head like a rabid dog trying to draw blood but the tunneling monster struck the dinosaur in the face as hard as he could but the armored lizard still didn’t let go, the subterranean monster grunts in pain and tries to struggle.

Anguirus gets up on his hind legs and starts clawing at Telesdons chest and gut, the underground monster growls but then spots an opening, the tunnel monster lifts his leg and knees the ankylosaur in the gut causing him to release his toothy grip and back away.

Telesdon shakes his arm then grabs it as blood was dripping out of the holes in his new found wounds the tunneling monster looks at Anguirus then opens his mouth revealing fire inside.

Anguirus shake the pain off and dashes after Telesdon only for him to thrust his arms forward and fire streams of flames at the mutated dinosaur. Anguirus moves out of the way but the flames burned his front paw the four-legged quadruped shrieks in agony and drops to the ground then turns around. Telesdon cackles and walks towards the injured dinosaur the subterranean monster creates more fire around his mouth ready to burn his opponent. Telesdon takes a few more steps further when Anguirus suddenly jumps on all four and uses his front paws to propel himself behind his opponent kicking him in the chest and sending him flying backwards towards a mountain.

Anguirus turns around and looks at Telesdon then looks back and saw the farmer and his wife still standing there. The farmer looks at the strange creature with curiosity he didn’t know what this thing was going to do to them. the farmers wife suddenly fainted from the sight of Anguirus.

Anguirus looks away and focuses on Telesdon only to see him disappear without a trace, the spiked reptile shrieks and looks around, his opponent was nowhere to seen the dinosaur walk towards the spot where his enemy was and found a hole his opponent made and looks down in it. Anguirus, still distracted by the hole, prepared to go in until Telesdon bursts out of the ground and lifts Anguirus off his feet the spiked quadruped struggles to get down but the tunneling monster already granted his wish by slamming him to the ground.

The farmer gasps as their savior is out cold by this other monster.

Telesdon roars in victory then spots the farmer and walks over to devour him and his wife. The farmer fires his rifle but it was no good.

Telesdon advances further towards the humans only for Anguirus to jump up and slam all four of his legs on the burrowing monster knocking him to the ground.

Anguirus jumps off of Telesdon and walks away, the subterranean monster jumps back on his feet and roars then moves his arm firing his streams of flames at the spiked quadruped. The flames make contact blasting Anguirus in the back but somehow the dinosaur was unaffected the tunneling monster shrieks in surprise didn’t that attack work earlier?

Anguirus turns around growling, the dinosaurs spiked carapace can withstand anything that’s thrown at it even fire, the armored dinosaur roars and flips on its back then curls into a ball and rolls towards Telesdon.

Telesdon shrieks in panic then fires his flame breath but the rolling ball of spikes continues to come closer and closer, the subterranean monster tries to get out of the way but Anguirus propels himself up in the air and hits the ground bouncing directly towards his moving opponent.

Telesdon stops and screams as Anguirus slams his spiked shell on his upper torso while rolling up leaving holes in his body causing blood to ooze out. Anguirus uncurls his ball state and lands to the ground then charges after Telesdon. Telesdon shrieks in agony then looks up and saw Anguirus lunge at him sending the subterranean monster flying along with himself.

Both Anguirus and Telesdon slam over a mountain and disappear behind it. The farmer takes a few steps further then the sound of the two monsters howl and wail can be heard from behind the mountain the last thing the farmer can hear was a loud painful cry from Telesdon suddenly everything went silent.

The farmer stood their watching and waiting to see what was happening when suddenly a figure rose from the mountain and roars in victory the farmer sighed in relief as Anguirus walked over the mountainside as the victor.

The farmer waves at Anguirus trying to thank him. Anguirus saw the farmer but did not attack because of this the reptile had the same feeling for this land to as the farmer does.

Anguirus looks away and roars in victory then thrusts his arms down digging in the ground to enjoy a long rest.

On the other side of the hill Telesdon laid there motionless with blood dripping out of his mouth but somehow the monster was still breathing he was torn apart but he was happy to be alive the tunneling monster slowly opens his eyes and looks at the clouds he can’t move a muscle because of the pain. Telesdon didn’t care though he was happy to see the clouds above him as it began to rain.

Telesdon closes his eyes and sleeps.



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