Match 33: Gigan vs. Hedorah

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What would happen if the U.S. Government actually made a real monster.

Submitted: December 03, 2011

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Submitted: December 03, 2011



Match 33

Gigan vs. Hedorah

“My Queen, we’ve tracked down the last drone ship” said an alien drone.

“Where is it?” said the Queen.

“Earth, at a place called Area 51” said another drone.

“Track down this Area 51, and send in one of our monsters to retrieve it” commanded the Queen

“Yes ma’am, release King Ghidorah” said the first drone

“WAIT, don’t send out Ghidorah” commanded the Queen.

“STOP, what monster should be send out then my Queen” said the drone

“We’ll use King Ghidorah later, send out Gigan” said the Queen

“Yes ma’am” said the drone.

The drone walks over and pushes a red button. Outside of the Mothership, a massive door slides open, and a giant black figure flies out of the ship, and hovers in front of it, revealing to be Gigan, the giant cyborg. Gigan lets out a blood curdling shriek, before flying down to Earth.

“Go my pet, retrieve the last remaining ship” said the Queen

Gigan flies into the planets atmosphere and passes through the dark clouds covering the skies, the cyborg stops and looks around the United States. Gigans scanners have detected the location of Area 51, the cyborg screeches, then dives down towards Nevada.

Gigan lands on a road next to a sign that says Area 51 the cyborg looks down at the sign then looks around but could only find rocks and dirt the space bird starts to walk further into the desert hoping to find Area 51.

While still walking to his destination Gigan looks up and notices the dark clouds in the sky he passed through earlier shouldn’t there always be a drought in this area the cyborg looks down at the ground and saw a black slimy substance on the ground the android stops and examines the mysterious ooze the robotic bird tilts his head it’s sludge but this area only has gravel and died out trees, something’s not right here.

Gigan shakes his head and focuses on his mission he turns his attention away from the sludge and continues to walk further into the desert but soon the cyborg stumbles upon a sight even he found horrifying. Gigan looks down to see human remains lying on the ground along with the same black sludge the cyborg chirps in curiosity then he notices the remains of a supply truck a few yards away from the human remains, on the side of the vehicle it says caution: Bio Weapon. The cyborg lifts his head and looks straight ahead what are the humans up to? Gigan lowers his head eager to find out what’s up ahead the cyborg looks back at the supply truck then looks away marching towards Area 51. Gigan reaches his destination then looks at his surroundings no military weapons, no traps, no nothing this was to easy.

Gigan takes one more step only for a beam to come out of nowhere and blast him in the chest making him take a few steps back. Gigan shrieks in surprise and looks straight ahead but the cyborg saw nothing he looks left and right only to see nothing but blackness around him.

Gigan ignores the event and continues to walk further into Area 51 only to get blasted in the chest again by the same beam the cyborg shrieks then fires his cluster beam only to hit nothing but air. Gigan screeches then takes one more step only for the beam to come out of the blackness and try and hit him but the cyborg saw the beam coming and quickly dodges it then looks up to see a strange object in the sky the space bird uses his scanners to identify the object, it’s another monster but he hasn’t seen one like this before it didn’t matter though this thing was blocking his path now there is only one thing in the aliens mind…termination.

Gigan roars and opens fire blasting the other monster with his beam. The beam hits its mark slightly burning the monsters skin the other monster gargles then dives down towards Gigan. Gigan ducks down avoiding the flying monsters attack the other monster turns around and tries to do the same attack but the android swiftly turns around and thrusts his left blade up easily slicing his attacker in half. The monster plummets to the ground with a thud, the eyes on both halves of the monster went dim. Gigan gets up and turns around then fires his cluster ray blasting what was once his attacker causes it to burst into flames instantly incinerating the creature.

Gigan didn’t screech in victory this monster wasn’t much of a challenge so the cyborg turns around and walks away from the charred form of his unknown attacker.

Gigan finally reached his destination only to see a building covered in sludge, slime and acid the cyborg screeches in surprise then took a closer look.

A giant black figure rises from behind the building creates a creepy gargle-like sound, Gigans scanners spot the unknown figure identifying it as the same monster but it was a lot bigger then before, what is this thing? where did it come from? the cyborg backs away and remembers the truck he saw earlier that said caution: Bio Weapon. Gigan chirps and looks at this creature is this the Bio Weapon the humans made it’s disgusting. The creature looks at this robotic creature and gargles preparing to challenge the metallic monster. Looks like his mission will have to wait Gigan raises one of his blades and roars at the creature made of sludge and pollution ready to challenge his new foe.


A few months days ago the U.S. Government had the idea of making a new weapon to protect their country from any new terrorist attacks, they succeeded in combining sludge and pollution when they were finished they would codename this new Bio Weapon: Hedorah. This new Bio Weapon was to be transferred to Area 51 to hide it’s existence from the rest of the world it was to be kept in five containers strong enough to hold the creature until the right time was needed but somehow the weapon developed the ability to create acid in it’s body and used it to break free from it containers.

The men in the supply truck stopped the vehicle to see what was going on but only be covered in acidic sludge they quickly died before they even screamed in horror.

Hedorah brakes out of the truck and makes his way towards Area 51 the smog monster lifts his arms and gargles then fires his crimson eye beams blasting everything in plain sight the bio weapon blasts a tower to pieces causing black clouds to form on top of it and blocking the sun awhile spreading across the sky. Hedorah found this very comfortable but before the smog monster could rest he splits a portion of himself off and it took life on it’s own.

Hedorah commands his smaller counterpart to be a look out in case there are any intruders in the area the smaller smog monster transforms into a flying saucer-like disk and takes off into the sky but just like that the smaller bio weapon spots a robot-like creature and tries its best to stop the intruder but failed his mission.


Hedorah lifts his arms and gargles then fires his crimson eye beams but Gigan jumps out of the way and fires his cluster ray blasting the bio weapon in the chest. The beam hits its mark but it went straight through Hedorah barely injuring him Gigan screeches in surprise but fires his beam again this time blasting the bio weapon in the face only for the beam to blast through him.

Hedorah gargles then throws parts of his body at Gigan making it splat on the cyborgs chest. Gigan looks at his chest then at Hedorah and cackles in laughter but suddenly he heard a strange sizzling sound the cyborg looks back down only to see the sludge eat away at his armor the space bird shrieks and tries to get the sludge off of him by scrapping it with his claws. Gigan growls then fires his cluster beam blasting the ground in front of Hedorah causing a small fire in front of him the bio weapon screeches then backs away, the cyborg looks at the smog monster then at the ground.

Gigan fires his beam again blasting the ground then up to Hedorahs head causing a short fires to start, the smog monster backs away again gargling at the fire, the cyborg cackles with glee and figured this thing does have a weakness.

Gigan roars into the sky and charges only for Hedorah to look up and fire his beams blasting him in the chest making him stagger back the bio weapon fires off more sludge but the cyborg saw it coming and smacks it away from him. Hedorah gargles in anger and jumps in the air and lands in front of Gigan catching him by surprise. Hedorah slaps Gigan in the face then grabs his shoulders the cyborg shrieks in shock then tries to fire his beam but instead felt a sharp pain coming from both shoulders the android looks at both of his shoulders the bio weapons touch are melting his armor.

Hedorah laughs in Gigans face which was a big mistake the cyborg growls and delivers a shotgun eye blast to the face causing the smog monster to release the android. Hedorah grabs his face and gargles in pain. From a distance that attack can’t do much damage but up close it can tear and burn flesh. Hedorah puts his arms down revealing that Gigans attack had burned his face and one of his eyes the smog monster cackles in anger and charges after the cyborgs only for him to thrust his blade into his chest.

Hedorah gargles then looks down at Gigans arm and laughs. Gigan squawks then looks at his arm and quickly moves it back the bio weapons acidic body almost ate away at his blade. Gigan backs away and looks at Hedorah this thing can’t be touched, the cyborg takes a few more steps back and tries to figure out a new strategy he already new this things weakness was fire but if he gets to close he’s in trouble the only thing that had some effect on this thing was his cluster beam.

Suddenly an idea popped into the cyborgs head all he needs to do is not get touched or burned by Hedorah. Hedorah fires his crimson beam but Gigan quickly jumps in the air and flies around the bio weapon firing his cluster ray repeatedly at the smog monster and the ground causing fire to appear. Hedorah gargles in fear and backs away from the flames, the smog monster looks up at Gigan then crouches down creating a white light around his body transforming him into a large disk-like creature.

Gigan screeches in shook it looks just like that smaller creature he fought earlier, the cyborg watches as Hedorah flew closer and closer to him so this thing can fly to, this is going to be a problem.

Hedorah fires his crimson beam but Gigan quickly dodges it and fires his cluster light ray but it barely hit the bio weapon nearly cutting the top of his head. Hedorah flew faster towards Gigan but the cyborg ducks down and swats him away with his clawed tail the smog monster flips uncontrollably but comes to his senses and regains his equilibrium and looks back at his opponent. Gigan rose up and roars at the bio weapon this monster is fast but not fast enough the cyborg then looks at the ground and back at Hedorah.

Hedorah gargles and flies towards Gigan only for the robot bird to fire his shotgun eye blast scattering it around the bio weapon and exploding everywhere around it. Hedorah gargles in rage and flies faster towards Gigan.

Gigan rears his head back then dives down to the ground, Hedorah dives down and follows the cyborg. Hedorah gargles and tries to pick up its speed, Gigan sensed that his opponent was trying catch up to him but it was no use the cyborg was faster then this grey blob, the android looks straight and sees the ground time to set the trap.

Gigan slowly reduces his speed allowing Hedorah to catch up, the bio weapon cackles and tries to increase his speed he almost catches up with his opponent only for him to dash away. Hedorah widens his eyes and tries to stop but the smog monster came in fast and slams to the ground with a splat.

Gigan flies up in the air and turns around then spots Hedorah laying on the ground with some of his body parts scattered everywhere to make sure the smog monsters down for the count the cyborg fires his cluster light beam blasting the bio weapon and causing fire to surround it.

Gigans scanners told him the creature is unconscious which is enough time for him to retrieve the drone ship and complete his mission the cyborg spots the building and dive down towards it. Gigan lands in front of the building and scans it.

Ship detected.

Gigan shrieks and smashes the building to pieces when the cyborg was done he swings his claw blowing the dust away. Gigan looks down and spots the ship untouched the cyborg roars in victory then gently grabs the ship and picks it up.

Gigan turns around and flies into the air he has completed his mission now he can return to the Mothership and become stronger hopefully to get an upgrade along the way.

Suddenly a crimson red ray almost hits him barely hitting his head Gigan shrieks in shock and almost drops the ship the cyborg looks back and saw Hedorah flying towards him the bio weapon gargles then fires his beam but the space bird quickly dodge it. Gigan looks back then opens his chest ports, enough is enough, the cyborg launched two razor disks out of his chest and straight towards Hedorah. Hedorah gargles and fires his beam but Gigan quickly dodges it and tries to gain some more speed.

Hedorah tries to pick up speed but something hits him between the eyes catching him off guard, the bio weapon cackles then slows down a bit. Hedorah quickly felt the object melt away in his skin the smog monster shake the pain away and continues to chase Gigan only to get hit in the eye by the same object. Hedorah gargles and cackles in pain he is now blind in one eye. With one of his eyes gone the bio weapon gargles and shrieks in agonizing pain making it zigzag through the sky uncontrolably the smog monster soon flies down crashes to the ground hard. Gigan looks back and notices the grey blob was gone the cyborg looks away and focuses on finishing his mission.

Gigan flies away from the blind Hedorah and through the planets atmosphere the cyborg flies towards the Mothership and lands into it. When Gigan landed he puts down the ship and walks away ready to recharge and fight another day.

“My Queen Gigan has retrieved the ship”. said a drone

“Good give Gigan his award; in the meantime retrieve any information the drone ship got from those humans”. said the Queen

“Yes ma’am” said another drone



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