Match 34: Earthtron vs. Gorosaurus

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Earthtron and Gorosaurus go head to head in a sparing match.

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011



Match 34

Earthtron vs. Gorosaurus

Earthtron walks through the forest floors of Monster Island enjoying his days thanks to Godzilla, besides fighting a giant spider he still enjoyed being on the island, he made new friends like Anguirus, Varan, Titanosaurus and Gorosaurus.

Earthtron finally knew peace but something was missing something he has never done in a while, the saurian looks up in the sky and thought this place has peace but maybe just maybe do the monsters spare on this island then it hits him he’s seen Godzilla fight Kelbeam before and he was far stronger then his former master, the fire saurian grunts with excitement now he has a goal he wants to be as strong as the king of the monsters.

Earthtron blinks then looks around seeing if any other monsters are around to spare he looks up and found Rodan circling the skies in search of food the fire lizard tilts his head the pteranodon would be a good choice but he was to fast for him so he’s out.

Godzilla is not an option so he’s out to, Earthtron walks around the island and stumbles upon Anguirus sleeping in the sandy shore of the island the fire dinosaur shook his head even though Anguirus is his friend he will be more aggressive if he is awoken from his nap so he is out as well.

Earthtron quietly walks pass Anguirus and searches for another monster to spare with, when the saurian walks around a mountain he spots Gorosaurus walking with his son and daughter the fire saurian looks at his new friend and figured he’s almost like him in a way but more hunched over. Gorosaurus is a perfect sparing partner.

Earthtron walks towards Gorosaurus and roars getting his attention, Gorosaurus and his offspring look back and see another reptile walk towards them. Gorosaurus groans giving his greetings to his new friend, Earthtron waved at the other dinosaurs giving him his greetings. Gorosaurus’ offspring ran behind their dad frightened to see this other monster, Gorosaurus looks down and chirps telling his kids this monster well not harm them Earthtron looks down at the young kaijus and waves. The young dinosaurs walk over to Earthtron and chirp, the fire dinosaur waves then turn his attention back to Gorosaurus.

Earthtron grunts and chirps telling Gorosaurus if he wanted to spare with him the giant tyrannosaur immediately rose up and look at his friend.

Gorosaurus lowers his head and accepts, this is a perfect way to show his kids how to fight back against other monsters, the blue tyrannosaur lowers his head and moves his offspring out of the way and looks back at Earthtron.

Gorosaurus’ offspring ran towards a large boulder and watches their dad spare with this other monster. Gorosaurus looks at his son and daughter and screeches telling them to watch how monsters fight and to prepare to defend themselves if a fight comes to them.

Gorosaurus looks back at Earthtron and roars ready to fight. Earthtron raises his arms and roars telling his friend he’s not holding back.

Gorosaurus and Earthtron stare at each other and waits to see who will make the first move. Suddenly Earthtron sucks in some air and fires his magma beam but Gorosaurus jumps out of the way and charges after the fire saurian.

Earthtron saw Gorosaurus coming and stood his ground, the blue dinosaur lashed out with his jaws but the fire dinosaur backs away and lashed out with a kick but the giant allosaur side steps and lashed out with his tail slamming it on the fire breathing dinosaurs chest knocking him to the ground.

Gorosaurus’ offspring watches in aw at the power that their dad has but they wanted to see more.

Earthtron gets back on his feet and roars then charges after Gorosaurus but the blue allosaur turns his body and lashed out with his tail only for the fire saurian to grab and pull it. Gorosaurus felt his tail being pulled and tries to fight back but Earthtrons strength was almost equaled to his.

Earthtron growls then turns his body and with some effort swings Gorosaurus around and tosses him near a mountain causing him to crash to the side and slide down.

The young dinosaurs watch in shock as their dad slides to the ground while the other dinosaur walks towards him, this monster is strong but their dad was stronger. Gorosaurus gets back on his feet and shakes his head then looks at Earthtron walking towards him.

Gorosaurus regains his stance and roars, Earthtron stops and looks at his opponent for a few moments then raises his arms and charges after Gorosaurus, the blue dinosaur stands his ground and waits for the other dinosaur to take the bait.

Earthtron takes a few more steps and brings his fist up only for Gorosaurus to lean on his tail and deliver a drop kick to the gut sending the fire saurian flying and crashing to the ground. Earthtron shrieks in pain but manages to get back on his feet and roar at Gorosaurus.

Gorosaurus lowers his head and chirps, this is getting fun.

Gorosaurus’ offsprings look at both Earthtron and their dad, this is an even match they were enjoying seeing their dad fight another monster when suddenly all that enjoyment soon turn into curiosity when the ground started the shake multiple times.

Earthtron and Gorosaurus charged at each other and clashed. Earthtron swings his fists but Gorosaurus ducked down and bashed his head into the fire saurians’ chest making him stagger. Earthtron stops and rubs his chest then looks back at Gorosaurus starring at him waiting for him to make a move, the fire saurian growls then sucks in some air and opens his mouth firing his magma beam. Gorosaurus saw the beam coming and quickly jumps out of the way.

Gorosaurus’ offsprings look around to try and find the source of the quakes but found nothing thats when it came clear on who was making the ground shake.

Mamas here and it doesn’t look good.

Gorosaurus’ offsprings both look at their dad and chirps as loud as possible trying to get his attention.

Gorosaurus heard his kids chirping and looks at them they chirp and wail telling him to look behind Earthtron. Earthtron looks at his friends kids then back at Gorosaurus. Gorosaurus tilts his head then look behind Earthtron and got a big surprise.

Earthtron chirps then tilts his head when suddenly he heard a low growling sound behind him, the fire saurian stood still like a statue and figured he has never heard a growl like that before its to low to be Godzilla.

Earthtron slowly turns his head and saw another monster behind him, this one looked almost like Gorosaurus but it was more terrifying, the fire saurian fully turns around and stood there wondering what this monster was going to do.

Gorosaurus’ offsprings ran towards their mother chirping and giving her their greetings.

Earthtron slowly backs away as the Tyrannosaurus rex growls and tells him to move out of the way, the fire saurian chirps and quickly moves to the side, who ever this monster is she is one that is not to be messed with. The Tyrannosaurus rex walks past Earthtron and walks towards Gorosaurus.

Earthtron scratches his head does this monster want to fight to? Earthtron looks at Gorosaurus and the t rex, the brownish-green dinosaur is not attacking so this must be his mate and then he figured it be wise to not make this monster mad.

Suddenly the Tyrannosaurus turns around and walks away Gorosaurus and their offspring followed with her, Earthtron tries to give his greeting to her only to receive a roar from the queen of the dinosaurs, the fire saurian shrieks and takes a few steps back, Gorosaurus looks at his friend and grunts telling him good bye.

Earthtron watches as his friend walks away with his family guess they end their sparring match with a draw.


Earthtron and Gorosaurus

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