Match 35: Godzilla junior and Kiryu vs. Golza and Telesdon

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Godzilla junior wants to prove to his dad that he is worthy to become the new king of the monsters so he sets out to find a monster to fight but ends up getting himself in trouble lucky for him a family member comes along and saves the day.

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



Match 35

Godzilla Junior and Kiryu vs. Golza and Telesdon


Los Vegas is under attack as the monster known as Telesdon stomps through the streets destroying everything in his path the tunneling monster opens his mouth and fires a stream of flames at an office building destroying and engulfing it in flames. Telesdon turns his head and spots the Lucky Star Casino the fire breather marches towards the Casino and swings his arms destroying the building to pieces the earth monster then kicks debris of what was left of the Casino.

Telesdon roars in the sky letting his presents known across the state the tunneling monster turns and walks toward the next route when suddenly a roar caught his attention, the fire breather turns around and walks to the source of the roar.


Further ahead the son of Godzilla, Godzilla junior walks to the shores of a beach and creates his own version of his dads roar, the young kaiju walks further into the city to try and find a monster to fight.

The monster prince walks further into Las Vegas and found some of the city destroyed. Junior looks around but it didn’t take him long to find the culprit as another monster lifts its arms and roars in front of him.

Godzilla junior takes a step back but roars back at the other monster. Telesdon looks at the monster in front of him at first he thought it was Godzilla himself but this one was smaller and more hunched over, the fire breather then realized he was face to face with the son of the king of the monsters. Telesdon grunts in delight, this is perfect if he kills this infant then there will only be one Godzilla left, the fire breather roars out a challenge to the young Godzilla. Godzilla’s son raised his head then roars back accepting the challenge.

Telesdon roars and charges after the young kaiju. Junior shrieks in shock but shakes it off and charges after Telesdon.

Both monsters collided. Telesdon swings his arms but junior ducks and dodges then lashed out with his jaws clamping down on the subterranean monsters arm making him shrieks in pain. Telesdon growls in anger and begins pounding the young kaiju in the head Junior squints his eyes but struggles to hold on.

Telesdon then knees Junior in the gut forcing him to let go and shriek in pain the subterranean monster growls and lashed out with a kick to the jaw making the young kaiju stagger. Junior shrieks then shakes his head he looks straight and saw is opponent charge after him, the young kaiju takes a few steps back but figured if he ran away his dad would think he’s a coward so if he wanted to be the next king he had to prove that he was worthy for the title, the young dinosaur growls then stood his ground blue energy surged around his small dorsal spines.

Telesdon continues to charge after the young kaiju only to get blasted in the chest by a blue stream of atomic energy the fire breather shrieks as he is sent flying backwards and crashed into a large hotel Godzilla junior roars then walks over to his enemy to see if his opponent is down and out. Junior stops in front of Telesdon and looks down only for the subterranean monster to lunge forward and try to punch the young kaiju but he was prepared for this and opens his mouth firing a slightly less developed atomic ray at the oncoming monster blasting him back at the same spot were he was attacked before.

Telesdon shrieks in pain and watches as the young kaiju walk towards him, junior growls then prepares to use his ray again only to get blasted in the side by an unknown force sending flying and crashing on a fountain the young Godzilla screeches in pain then tries to get back on his feet only to have something pin him to the ground he looks up to see a much bigger monster look down at him.

Godzilla junior widens his eyes as the monster growls and clinches its fists.

Telesdon gets back on his feet as his friend Golza looks back and roars telling him get over here. Telesdon looks at Golza and quickly dashes at his side.

Godzilla junior groans in fear he is in deep trouble, two giant monsters, this isn’t good he had the advantage but backup arrived and it looks like he’s done for.

Telesdon looks down at Junior then up at Golza only to see his friend look and laugh at him, the two monsters began roaring and groaning arguing about the humiliation Telesdon had.


Golza was watching the fight from the background laughing his lungs out seeing his friend losing to a child it was a hilarious sight but when he took a closer look at this youngling it resembled the monster that almost killed him at the Grand Canyon. Golza growls so this must be Godzilla’s son, the super monster spreads his arms and fires an ultrasonic beam blasting the young Godzilla away from Telesdon.

Golza walks pass Telesdon and towards Junior then plants his foot on him pinning the youngling to the ground.


Junior shrieks in fear then looks up at the two monsters this is bad he had the advantage against this tan monster but when backup arrived thing have turned into a living hell.

Suddenly junior remembered a fight he saw between his dad and two monsters called Sadora he easily destroyed both of them with less effort when the fight was over the young Godzilla went out to find any monster to fight but when he found what he was looking for it left him in deep trouble that’s when a roar from his dad was heard but Godzilla was nowhere to be seen that’s when it hit him if he wanted to be king he had to show no fear the young Godzilla growls then looks up and fires his beam at both Golza and Telesdon..

Golza and Telesdon stop their arguing and look down only for Telesdon to get blasted in the face and sent flying backwards, Golza looks back then looks at the youngling only to suffer the same fate as his friend except this time the blast made him stagger away from Junior. Junior gets back on his feet and tries to roar like his dad. Golza shrieks and rubs his face then slowly lowers his arms growling at the young Godzilla.

Telesdon groans in pain then gets back on his feet and saw Golza standing there looking at Godzilla’s son.

Golza and Godzilla junior look at each other for a few minutes until the young Godzilla roars telling the much bigger monster he’s not backing down, the super monster clinches his fist and charges after the youngling. Godzilla junior growls and fires his atomic ray blasting Golza in the gut but the super monster ignores the pain and continues to charge after the smaller Godzilla. Junior tries to fire his ray again but Golza lunged forward swinging his arms at the young Godzilla but the infant kept ducking and dodging his punches.

Telesdon runs over to aid Golza but a buzzing sound filled  his ears he ignores it and walks over to Golza.

Golza swings one more time but the young Godzilla quickly clamps his jaws around the super monsters arm. Golza looks down and saw his small opponent bite his wrist but he just laughed a little then swings his fist punching the young Godzilla in the side of the skull forcing him off. Godzilla junior shrieks in pain but ignores it and looks at Golza, the young Godzilla roars and charges after Golza but the super monster steps away and grabs him.

Junior screams as he is lifted off the ground and thrown across the street, the young Godzilla continues to shriek as he is sent crashing in a smaller casino crushing it into millions of pieces.

Telesdon walks beside Golza and laughs for a few seconds then they both walk over to the prone form of Godzillas son. Junior groans in pain and tries catching his breath but the crash almost made it impossible for him to breathe. Golza and Telesdon close in flailing their arms and roaring in the sky, Junior catches his breath then raises his head watching the two other monsters walk towards him, the young Godzilla groans in pain maybe he wasn’t strong enough.

Suddenly missiles and lasers rained down from the sky blasting Golza and Telesdon away from Godzilla junior, the young Godzilla widens his eyes then looks up to see a metal figure slowly fly down and land in front of him.. Godzilla junior couldn’t believe what he was seeing the robot had rows of spines coming down from its head and tail its feature was like that of his dads but it had metal all over its body and strange things on its shoulders and arms.

Godzilla junior gets back on his feet and takes a closer look at this metal creature in front of him it was as if he was looking at a cybernetic Godzilla. The creature started to turn around and face Junior, the young Godzilla looks at the robots face it looked exactly like his dads but with yellow eyes and red marks running down them.

The GDF (Global Defense Force) sent out Kiryu to stop the monster attacks but somehow the pilots lost control and it became a Godzilla again but it didn’t go on a rampage it continued to fly towards its destination.

Kiryu looks down at Godzilla junior and let’s out his own version of Godzillas roar, the young Godzilla stood there looking at the robot Godzilla and realized he was looking at his ancestor.

Junior tilts his head how did the humans bring his grandpa back from the dead it didn’t matter though he was sure happy that back up arrived.

Kiryu turns around and looks at the two monsters in front of him, Golza and Telesdon shake their heads and gets back on their feet.

Godzilla junior walks by Kiryus side but the metal dragon looks at the young Godzilla and pushes him back trying to tell his grandson that he is no match for these monsters, junior looks at his grandpas emotionless face and sensed what he was trying to tell him. Junior shakes his head then turns around and watches his grandpa fight the two other monsters, he saw his dad fight lets see how his grandpa fights.

Golza turns to see his new attacker then shrieks in surprise what is this thing? did the humans make this it? looks like it. Telesdon looks at this thing surprised as well looks like the humans are fighting back.

Kiryu looks at his new opponents for a second then creates another cybernetic version of Godzillas’ roar, the moment Golza heard the roar he took a step back it’s not a robot or an android what did the humans make?

Kiryu brings his arms up ready to fight, Golza didn’t attack but Telesdon had other plans, the fire breather thrusts his arms forward and charges after the original Godzilla. Kiryu turns his hands sideways and fires laser bullets at Telesdon stopping him in his tracks and making him stagger, the fire breather shrieks in pain and tries to retaliate but his opponent’s assault was too much.

Kiryu stops his wrist lasers and opens his mouth firing twin masers at Telesdon blasting him in the chest and knocking him to the ground. The Mecha Godzilla stops his attack and walks towards his downed opponent only for Golza to step in. Kiryu stops and looks at his new opponent, the super monster roars and clinches his fists ready to tear this metal creature to pieces.

Junior shrieks and takes a few steps back, Telesdon was easy to take down but Golza is a different story, Kiryu heard his grandsons shriek and turns around the young Godzilla had a terrifying look on his face.

Telesdon gets back on his feet and walks away grabbing his arm.

Kiryu looks back at Golza and lowers his head the Herculean creature growls but didn’t attack he’s aware of this things attacks, the super monster then had an idea if it can’t be attacked up close lets see how it does from a distance.

Golza looks around and found a large truck then walks towards the vehicle. Kiryu continues to look at Golza scanning his movements the blue monster quickly picked up the vehicle and threw it at the mechanized dragon.

Kiryu looks up and quickly fired his maser cannons blasting the vehicle to pieces, the metal dragon closes his mouth and looks back at Golza only to get blasted in the face by a purple beam causing him to stagger.

Junior shrieks then looks at Kiryu seeing if he’s ok the Mecha Godzilla rose back up with miner damage, the mech looks at Golza if he had emotions he would have had an angry look on his face. Golza laughs proudly of his successful attack Kiryu roars at the blue leviathan then walks towards him then suddenly the ports on the side of the cyborgs rocket packs opened up and fired multiple rockets and heat seeking missiles aiming directly at Golza.

Golza stops laughing and looks up only to get bombarded by missiles and rockets catching him completely off guard, the Herculean leviathan staggers back and shrieks in pain then takes a step back only to trip on a limo causing him to fall flat on his back.

Kiryu stops his assault and tries to see the result only for Telesdon to come out of nowhere and ram him from the side catching him by surprise and making him fall to the ground, the fire breather roars and jumps on his metallic foe pummeling him with his fists but the Mecha Godzilla hardly felt the blows he tries to uses his maser cannons but the subterranean monster saw this and used one of his hands to clamp the cyborgs mouth shut preventing him from using his lasers.

Telesdon clinches his other fist and pounds Kiryu, Godzilla junior quickly moves in and fires his atomic ray blasting Telesdon away from his grandpa. Kiryu gets back on his feet and looks at his grandson thanking him for the help, the metal dragon turns around to face the two other monsters. Telesdon gets back on his feet and growls fire suddenly flashed inside his mouth the mechanized Godzilla saw the flames but didn’t move.

Telesdon thrusts his arms forward and spews intense flames out of his mouth but Kiryu saw the flames coming and opens his mouth firing his maser cannons. The electric current blasts through the fire with ease and into Telesdons mouth stopping his attack and making him scream in agonizing pain.

Golza shakes his head then gets back of his feet he soon saw Telesdon back in the action he walks by his side ready to fight Kiryu.

No more weapons but first a little surprise for these two nuisances, the back of Kiryus rocket pack suddenly moves up, the metal dragon looks at his two opponents and fires the rocket packs themselves. Both packs acted as giant missiles aiming directly at Telesdon and Golza.

Both monsters tilt their heads in confusion thinking these were nothing but empty shells flying towards them both Telesdon and Golza grabbed the packs each but that was a big mistake when the monsters grabbed the packs they immediately exploded on impact causing a large dirt cloud.

Both monsters appear from the cloud falling to the ground as they fell for the trap. Godzilla junior saw the event and laughed Kiryu just roared trying to laugh as well. Kiryu lowered his head and scanned the two monsters their still alive which means it’s not over yet, the metal dragon drops his wrist lasers and takes a few steps forward.

Golza groans in pain but manges to get back on his feet, Telesdon on the other hand was unconscious, the blue leviathan roars and charges after Kiryu.

Godzilla junior back away while as Kiryu lowers his head and charges after Golza. Both monsters clashed Golza swings his fists hitting them against his opponents armor but the Mecha Godzilla lashed out with an uppercut to the lower jaw then a punch to the face staggering him back. Golza grabs his face but ignores the pain and continues to fight the mechanized Godzilla.

Telesdon slowly opens his eyes then tries to get back on his feet but the pain was intense he groans in pain but manages to slowly get back on his feet and watches Golza fight Kiryu.

Golza and Kiryu shared blow after blow, Golza tried punching as hard as he could but the mechanized Godzillas punches were stronger. Kiryu lashed out with a low jab to the gut then a backhand to the face making the super monster fall to the ground.

Telesdon shakes the pain away and roars at Kiryu then charges after him but the Mecha Godzilla saw him coming and quickly turned around bashing the fire breather with his tail knocking him to the ground as well.

Godzilla junior couldn’t believe what he’s seeing it takes a while for his dad to take down other monsters but it only takes seconds for grandpa to take them down he’ll have a story to tell his dad.

Kiryu turns around looking at Godzilla junior seeing if he was ok, Telesdon gets back on his feet and charges after the unsuspecting cyborg, Junior saw him coming and tries to warn his grandpa but Kiryu knew he was coming and swings his tail again slamming it on the fire breather and sending him crashing into an office building.

Golza gets back on his feet and roars getting Kiryu’s attention the cyborg looks at the blue leviathan only to see him spread his arms and fires his ultrasonic ray blasting him in the chest making him stagger. Golza growls and charges after Kiryu and lashed out with a few punches then a kick to the gut making the metal dragon stagger and trip over a truck making him fall to the ground.

Godzilla junior widens his eyes and tries to help out but he was to terrified to even fight Golza.

Golza walks over and grabs Kiryus tail then turns his body and lifts the mechanized Godzilla up in the air and slamming him to the ground.

Godzilla junior growls he well not let fear take over him.

Golza goes for the same tactic again only to get struck in the back by an unknown force, the blue leviathan releases Kiryus tail and turns around spotting Godzillas son standing there, the super monster growls and spreads his arms firing his ultrasonic beam blasting the young Godzilla and knocking him to the ground.

Kiryu picks himself up with his arms and turns his head spotting his grandson down and out the mechanized Godzilla looks up at Golza and gets back on his feet and stands behind him. Golza chuckles for a moment then felt a strange feeling he turns around only to get jabbed in the gut by a metal arm the blue monster shrieks and backs away grabbing its stomach the super monster looks up to see Kiryu grab him by the neck and force him up.

Kiryu looks at Golza and roars in his face then turns his body and swings the blue juggernaut with one arm throwing him a few distances away, the super monster slams to the ground with a thud. Golza groans in pain it hurts to get up but he was still able to grab his stomach.

Telesdon gets back on his feet and spots Godzillas son out cold the fire breather limps over towards junior with fire flaring in his mouth he takes a few more steps and opens his mouth only to receive a kick in the side stopping his attack and making him shriek in pain.

Telesdon turns and saw Kiryu open his mouth firing his maser cannons at him blasting him in the chest and sending him crashing on his back, the mechanized Godzilla closes his mouth and looks at his grandson then back at this annoying creature the cyborg walks over to his downed opponent and grabs his leg then turns his body and throws Telesdon with less effort.

Golza gets back on his feet then looks up only to see Telesdon crash on to him and knocking him back to the ground.

Kiryu stands in front of Golza and Telesdon a few feet away and opens his chest port revealing an opening that soon glowed bright blue, Godzilla junior opens his eyes then gets back on his feet he soon saw his ancestor standing in front of him with a bright blue light the young Godzilla suddenly felt a cold breeze in the air.

Golza and Telesdon shake their heads and try and get back feet but the pain kept them from getting up they soon felt a cold breeze they both looked straight and saw Kiryu stand there with a bright blue light in front of him.

Kiryu lets out one last roar before firing the Absolute Zero Cannon, a meteor-like orb shot forward aiming at Golza and Telesdon. Both monster saw the blue aura ball coming and tried to get out of the way but it was to late the ice sphere collided with the two monsters instantly turning them into frozen statues.

Godzilla junior walks by Kiryus side and saw the two monster frozen in a block of ice its not over yet the mechanized Godzilla lifts tail high in the air then slams it to the ground shaking the earth and vaporizing both Golza and Telesdon into millions of ice shards, Junior almost tripped but regained his balance.

When the ground stopped shaking both Godzillas looked but found no traces of Telesdon and Golza both Kiryu and Godzilla junior roared in victory. The sun started to go down which means the humans will take over soon, Kiryu looks down at his grandson and creates a cybernetic version of Godzillas roar, junior rears his head back trying to roar like his father. Kiryu backs away and looks up then uses his rocket boosters to fly back to head quarters but not first roaring telling his grandson good bye, the young Godzilla roars back as his grandpa disappears into the clouds.

Godzilla junior turns around and walks back to Monster Island and will enjoy telling this story to his father.



Godzilla Junior and Kiryu

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