Match 5: Gabara vs. Anguirus

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Little Godzilla panics as his bully Gabara chases after him and Godzilla and Rodan are nowhere to be seen but luck has it an old friend comes and saves the day.

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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Submitted: July 25, 2011



Match 5

Gabara vs. Anguirus

It was a peaceful day on Monster island and Anguirus was going on the hunt today’s menu: Kamacuras, Fish, or Ebirah. Anguirus can’t pick.

He walks out of his cave and prepares to hunt when he heard a familiar shreik a few yards away. Anguirus looks around and found a couple of trees rustling. Anguirus roars but nothing happened the shreik grew louder and Anguirus was getting curious he starts walking out of his cave when out of nowherehe LittleGodzilla is tossed out in the field. Anguirus came to a halt and sees LittleGodzilla get up while holding his left arm then limps away from whatever is attacking him.

Things have gone from peaceful to chaotic.

Anguirus looks at the spot where LittleGodzilla was thrown. Another monster walks out of the trees while knocking them over.

Anguirus looks at this familiar monster. The monster had lumpy blue-green skin, three horns on its head, and no tail. LittleGodzilla starts limping away as Gabara clinches his fists and pounds them together then starts walking towards the infant.

Anguirus runs out of his cave and charges after Gabara. LittleGodzilla tries to get away from the ogre but Gabara was coming closer, the ogre walked up and stops in front of the injured infant to deliver a massive beatdown. Godzilla's son closes his eyes as Gabara brings his fist up ready to punch LittleGodzilla in the head.

Gabara prepares to attack when he gets bashed in the side by a random force. The blow sends the ogre flying away from LittleGodzilla and makes him crash to the ground. LittleGodzilla opens his eyes and sees the bully on his back he turns his head and to his surprise sees Anguirus right beside him.

LittleGodzilla sighs in relief. Anguirus looks at the infant for a moment then focuses back onto Gabara. Gabara opens his eyes, sits up and shakes his head then looks straight to see a spiked creature beside LittleGodzilla.

Anguirus roars at Gabara, this is a disgrace on Monster island. There is only one rule and one rule only do not mess with the king’s son. Gabara broke that rule as punishment Anguirus is going to fight Gabara until his bones break. Gabara gets back on his feet and looks at Anguirus. Anguirus barks telling the ogre to back off or accept his punishment but Gabara didn’t listen the oversized bully mock charges at the armored quadraped and chuckles. Anguirus growls and prepares to fight while Gabara walks towards him and pounds his fists together.

Gabara walks closer but in a split second Anguirus charges and headbutts the ogre in the gut catching him by surprise. Gabara shreiks and staggers back then looks at his new opponent get up on his hind legs and roar at him.

Meanwhile LittleGodzilla moves away from the fight and hides behind a boulder.

Gabara charges at Anguirus and tries to punch him but the spiked dinosaur ducked on all fours and turns around tail whipping the ogre in the legs tripping him and slamming him to the ground.

Gabara lands on his side out cold.

Anguirus turns around and looks down at Gabara then with all his might Anguirus jumps high into the air. Gabara comes to and rolls on his back then opens his eyes and sees an objects in the air he squints his eyes then realizes Anguirus is coming down on him fast. Gabara widens his eyes and tries to get out of the way but it was to late Anguirus slams his claws on his rib cage causing the ogre to scream at the top of his lungs then drops to the ground motionless.

Anguirus looks at Gabara then jumps off of him. Anguirus turns his head and looks at Gabara again seeing if he was down for the count. Anguirus turns away from Gabara and walks away.

Little Godzilla comes out from behind the boulder seeing Anguirus on his feet and Gabara out cold. Anguirus sees the infant and chirps at him LittleGodzilla chirps back at his savior. Anguirus looks around the island to find Rodan or Godzilla but they are nowhere to be seen. Anguirus walks over to the infant but comes to a sudden stop something has him by the tail. Anguirus looks back to see Gabara grab hold of his tail.

Little Godzilla moves back and chirps.

Gabara gets on his feet and pulls on Anguirus’ tail. The mutated ankylosaur panics and tries to overpower Gabara to get away but the ogre is holding on tight and continous to drag Anguirus towards him. Gabara chuckles with glee but psych Anguirus fooled the ugly ogre he turns around and tried to take a bite out of Gabaras neck. The assault caught Gabara by surprise but the ogre countered by grabbing Anguirus’ neck.

Anguirus struggles to break free from Gabaras grip but the ogre wouldn’t let go. Gabaras’ horns glowed bright purple and started to sizzle. Anguirus stopped struggling and looks at Gabaras’ arms. Purple electricity was coursing through the ogres’ arms and onto Anguirus’ body. Anguirus did not scream in pain though he chirp in laughter Gabara looked at Anguirus in confusion he should’ve been scorched by now.

Anguirus, still enduring Gabaras’ attack, looks at the ogre and used his claws to knock the ugly kaiju's arms away and headbutts the bumpy skined monster in the chest.

Gabara staggers back and looks at Anguirus still confused that attack should have burned the four-legged creature to death.

Gabara may have had expierence fighting but Anguirus had more he fought monsters like King Ghidorah, Gigan, and even Godzilla himself Gabara was nothing. Gabara roared in anger and charged at Anguirus but armored quadraped stood his ground waiting for the ogre.

Gabara ran closer and closer to Anguirus and raised his his fists but the spiked quadraped had other plans he waited for the ogre to get even closer. Gabara ran closer to punch Anguirus but the ogre fell right into the dinosaurs trap.

Anguirus used his hind legs to launch himself at Gabara using his front paws to push the blue ogre up in the air along with himself to slam him to the ground while pushing his claws into the ogres ribs. Anguirus gets off of Gabara and walks away this time. Gabara screams in agony while holding his stomach and chest.

Anguirus wasn’t done he stood on his hind legs and waited. Gabara looks at Anguirus and tries to move away but he can barely move, the ankylosaurus jumps backwards and slams his spiked carapace on Gabaras legs. Gabara screams in sheer pain as a loud cracking sound was heard across the area, Anguirus’ spiked carapace broke one of the ogres legs.

Anguirus rolled off of Gabara making blood pour down from his legs and midsection but somehow Gabara slowly got back on his feet, he still screamed in pain because of the holes in his flesh but he stopped and looked at Anguirus. Gabara turns around and limp away from the spiked dinosaur. Gabara looks back and saw LittleGodzilla but he didn't attack he still limped away, next time maybe, but the ogre will have his revenge someday. Gabara disappears back into the forest never to be seen again.

LittleGodzilla sighed in releif looks like Gabara learned his lesson. Anguirus roars in victory and walks towards LittleGodzilla. LittleGodzilla chirps with glee. Anguirus looks around but Rodan and Godzilla are still gone looks like Anguirus will take care of Godzillas son for awhile until Rodan or Godzilla comes back.

Anguirus looks at LittleGodzilla and barks at him telling him to go to his cave. LittleGodzilla walks to Anguirus’ cave to recover his wounds from Gabaras attack.

Anguirus watches LittleGodzilla walk into his cave then goes back on the hunt this time today’s menu is Ebirah. Anguirus stands on his hind legs and sniffs the direction to where Ebirah is and soon enough he found it, the ankylosaurus gets back on all fours and walks towards to Ebriahs direction.



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