Match 7: Gorosaurus vs. Spinosaurus

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
It's a Jurassic Park alternative dinosaur brawl.

Submitted: July 26, 2011

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Submitted: July 26, 2011



Match 7

Gorosaurus vs.Spinosaurus


Dr. Alan Grant and his friends were running for their lives, they managed to run through the trees and run across a field through the gate. A dinosaur bursts out of the trees chasing Alan and the others but stopped in front of the gate watching its meal run away, the dinosaur roars in anger and turns around disappearing into the forest.

“Hey Dr. Grant what was that thing” said Billy.

“Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus” said Dr. Grant.

“It wasn’t on the list of dinosaurs resurrected” said Billy

“Guess there are dinosaurs on this island that weren’t meant to be brought back and that was one of them” said Dr. Grant.

“I don’t care what that thing is, I need to find my boy he’s out there somewhere” said Amanda.

“Will find him it’ll be a matter of time” said Paul

Suddenly the Spinosaurus rams through the gate roaring in frustration, the dinosaur saw Alan and the others and charges.

“RUN” said Dr. Grant.

Alan and the others ran as fast as possible trying to get away from the Spinosaurus but the dinosaur almost catches up to them. The Spinosaurus almost sinks his teeth into Billy but he and the others ran through two large trees blocking the dinosaurs path the beast roars in anger then tries to find another path.

“I think we lost him” said Dr. Grant.

Alan and the others sat down and rested for awhile. Amanda gets up and walks away from the group to see if there are any dinosaurs in the area suddenly she bumps into a large tree trunk she grabs her head then looks at the tree but something wasn’t right, tree trunks aren’t blue, a low growling sound was coming from behind the huge tree trunk, a large creature quietly turns it’s head and spots Amanda. Amanda turns her head and looks up, she widens her eyes and screams at the top of her lungs getting everyones attention. Amanda backs away and runs as another dinosaur rose up and ran after her trying to devour her. Amanda rushed through her friends screaming in terror. Alan and the others looked back and ran for there live as a giant blue dinosaur chased after them but they manage to lose the dinosaur only to stumble upon the Spinosaurus again. Amanda screams again getting the others attention they turn around only to have the Spinosaurus chase after them. Alan and the others ran as fast as possible only to stumble upon the blue dinosaur again but the Spinosaurus was already behind them. The blue dinosaur looks up and turns it’s attention away from the group and onto the Spinosaurus. Alan and the others ran towards the trees and hid behind them then looks at the Spinosaurus and the unknown dinosaur.

“What is that thing Dr. Grant” said Paul

“I don’t know it’s not in the dinosaur record” said Dr. Grant

“Is it a Tyrannosaurus” said Billy

“No its bigger than the T-rex ands it's skull is different” said Dr. Grant

“ I think thier going to fight” said Paul

The Spinosaurus roars as Gorosaurus roars and charge after the opposing dinosaur. Gorosaurus lashed out with his teeth but Spinosaurus dodges his jaws and lashed out with his own, the sail dinosaur bites down on the giant allosaurs snout causing him to shreik.

Gorosaurus shakes his head making the Spinosaurus release his toothy grip but the dinosaur lashes out with his jaws again this time the blue dinosaur dodges his jaws and lashed out with his tail smacking the spined lizard making him stagger.

“ It looks like the blue dinosaurs got the advantage” said Billy

“ Not quite the Spinosaurus maybe smaller but it’s not weak” said Dr. Grant

Gorosaurus clamps his jaws around the Spinosaurus’ neck trying to break it but the spined reptile lashed out with it’s huge claws cutting the oversized t-rex in the chest forcing him to release his grip. Spinosaurus spins around smacking Gorosaurus in the face with his tail making the blue dinosaur stagger. Spinosaurus lashed out with his jaws clamping them around Gorosaurus’ neck, the blue dinosaur struggles to break free but the spined lizard turns his body around lifting him up in the air and slamming him to the ground hard.

Alan and the others gasped in skock.

“This is an even match” said Billy

“I don’t think so after this the Spinosaurus is going for the killing blow” Said Dr. Grant

Gorosaurus struggled and struggled to break free but this could be the end until the blue dinosaur kicked his opponent in the ribs cracking them in the process the Spinosaurus released his grip roaring in pain.

“I guess I was wrong this dinosaur is a lot smarter then I thought” said Dr. Grant

Gorosaurus gets back on his feet and growls then spins around smacking the Spinosaurus in the face with his tail stunning him. Gorosaurus looks at his opponent waiting for him to attack, the Spinosaurus shake his head then sees the oversized t-rex and charges with full force. Gorosaurus waits for the right moment then uses his tail to lean back and deliver a devastating kick to the face.

Alan and the others widen their eyes in shock and surprise.

“I've never seen a dinosaur do that before” said Dr. Grant

“It used its tail to lean itself back and kick the other dinosaur just like a kangaroo” said Paul

“This is not an ordinary dinosaur” said Billy

Gorosaurus’ kick forces the Spinosaurus’ head to push back literally snapping the dinosaurs’ neck and breaking his skull tearing the skin in the process.

Gorosaurus lands back on the ground and watches as the Spinosaurus falls to the ground dead.

Gorosaurus rears his head back roaring in victory then walks towards the carcass and picks it up by grabbing its neck with his jaws and dragging it to his home both dinosaurs disappear in the forest floor never to be seen for now.

“Wow what a fight” said Billy

“I guess that dinosaur is more powerful but what is it called” said Paul

“Let me think, Gorosaurus that’s what will call it” said Dr. Grant

Paul looks behind him and turns around looking left and right.

“AMANDA” shouted Paul

Dr. Alan Grant and Billy look back at paul then the surrounded area.

“Great now we got to find your crazy ex-wife” said Dr. Grant

Alan, Billy, and Paul look all around the area searching for Amanda suddenly Billy finds her being chased by a small lizard with rows of spines coming down its back.

“HELP” said Amanda






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