Match 9: Tyrant vs. King Kong

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A legendary monster awakens from it's thousand year slumber and causes havoc.

Submitted: July 27, 2011

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Submitted: July 27, 2011



Match 9

Tyrant vs. King Kong

A thousand years.

A thousand years the monster slept dormant.

For years the monster terrorized Earth bringing destruction everywhere it went leaving death at its wake but its reign of terror came to an end when it faced off against a giant galactic humanoid. The humanoid fought bravely but the monsters power easily outmatched his own and he was at a disadvantage so he had to act fast instead of killing it the giant galactic humanoid quickly blasts a gigantic hole under the monster feet making the monster fall to its grave then blasts the surface putting it in its place were it will never see the light of day again.

Story’s of this monster still looms today, its nightmare will never leave, they never gave it a name all they know is that it was a real Tyrant.

The monster opened its eyes. A thousand years is up. The monster bursts out of the ground roaring in anger and in pleasure to be out of its slumbering prison.

Tyrant walked out of the hole and walks away then stretched its arms the chimera looks around to try and find the galactic humanoid known as Ultraman but was nowhere to be seen. Tyrant growls in anger and raises his arms flying off into the sky, he looks around but he still couldn't find the giant humanoid. Tyrant roars in frustration but sees an island not to far from where he was and it’s populated, the chimera turns his direction then lands on the island.

Tyrant looks around the island, the population is small but it well do. The villagers scream as Tyrant opens his mouth and shoots out intense flames burning everything it touches.

The flames scattered everywhere and burned everything leaving only rubble. The villagers screamed in agony from the flames burning them alive then they dropped to the ground burned to death.

Tyrant stomped through the debris crushing huts, trees, and people then he noticed a large wall with a wooden gate. Tyrant tilts his head and walks towards the gate then hears a loud roar coming from the distance. Tyrant steps in front of the gate and crushes it with his mace-like hand then steps over the debris and advances to spot where the roar is coming from.

Tyrant ,still walking, remembers the fight he had with Ultraman he bashed the humanoid with his mace sending the defender flying on his back but his opponent quickly got back on his feet and put his hands in a cross positio firing a beam under his feet creating a giant hole. Tyrant remembers how he fell in the hole, how he fell unconscious in that prison but now he’s back, back to take his revenge on Ultraman for putting him in that prison of darkness.

Tyrant heard the roar again and its not far, the chimera walks around a mountain and saw two monsters fighting one resembled that of a giant reptile and the other a gorilla. Tyrant watches as the ape punches the reptile in the head driving the creature away and roars in victory soon watches the reptile disappears in the forest.

The gorilla reminds Tyrant of Ultraman, the chimera growls in anger and walked to the oversized gorilla. The reptile looks back as King Kong beats his chest and roars then watches his rival Gorosaurus disappears into the forest.

Tyrant stops behind King Kong and roars trying to get attention. King Kong heard a roar behind him and turns around then saw a creature he has never seen before the monster had no hands but an ax and a spiked club replaced them, it has a large horn on its head, bat-like ears, and a serpentine tail. Tyrant roars at the gorilla and swung his battle ax as sign of a challenge this is not Ultraman but it will do. Kong growls how dare this creature walk up and swing his arm at him he will pay for this intrusion and disrespect. Kong roared and beats his chest then charged after the chimera, the hybrid swung his mace but the the ape god stopped and ducks out of the way then punches the chimera in the gut staggering Tyrant back but the chimera felt nothing. Tyrant chuckled at the apes’ punches then advances towards Kong but the ape picks up a rock and throws it at the chimera. Tyrant saw the rock coming and swings his mace smashing the rock into tiny pieces.

King Kong curls his lips this is his island and no one is going to take that away from him he is the king of Faro Island and he will fight until he dies.

Kong charged at the chimera and kicks boulder as hard as he could but the space demon crushed it with his mace hand giving Kong enough time to lunge forward with a sucker punch to the face staggering the chimera back but the ape god wasn’t done he dashed at Tyrant grabbing his nasel horn.

Tyrant didn’t move he’s was just letting this ape have his fun.

King Kong punches Tyrant in the stomach then delivered an uppercut to the lower jaw releasing his nasel horn afterwards making the destroyer stagger. Tyrant looks at the ape chuckling this isn’t much of a challenge but at least its fun.

Kong notices his opponent was chuckling, this angered the ape god but kept his cool. Why does this creature keep chuckling? Kong scratched his head in confusion this monster isn’t putting up a good fight but it didn’t matter he had to drive this creature away from his land.

Kong picked up a large boulder and launches it at the chimera. Tyrant stops chuckling and sees the boulder coming then smashes it to pieces with his mace. Kong dashes at the chimera delivering a punch to the side of Tyrants’ face making the space demon stagger. Tyrant looks at Kong then moves his lower jaw left and right he noticed something was wrong he felt a pinch coming from the right side of his face the chimera puts his tongue at the spot where the feeling is coming from then looks at kong with a demonic look on his face.

Tyrant growled in anger Kong’s’ punch knocked one of his bottom teeth out of his jaw.

Playtime is over.

Tyrant roars in fury and charges after the ape god ready to tear him limb from limb, Kong clinches his fists and dashes after the space demon but the chimera swung his mace almost hitting his head. King Kong ducks and grabs the chimera’s arm not letting go but Tyrant quickly swung his battle ax arm stabbing Kong in the leg, the great ape screamed in pain then released his grip and looks at his wound, blood oozed out of his leg and wouldn't stop. King Kong ignores the pain and charges after Tyrant but the chimera opens his mouth releasing hells’ flames. Kong saw the flames coming and barrel rolled out of the way but the flames already burned some of his fur off, the great ape got on his feet and continued his assault. Tyrant stopped his flames and swung his mace trying to hit Kong’s head but the ape quickly ducked and rose back up pummeling the chimera in the face and chest with his powerful fists but the space demon swatted the great apes fists away and jabs him in the stomach with his mace knocking the wind out of Kong and breaking a few ribs. King Kong backs away from the space demon holding his stomach while trying to catch his breath while tyrant walks towards him. Kong manages to catch his breath then had an idea if you can’t force him down trip him, Tyrant lifts his mace but the ape god quickly grabs his ankles and pulls tripping the chimera and slamming him on his back. Kong takes this opportunity to get on his feet and run towards Tyrants side and smash him with his fists.

Tyrant felt nothing he didn’t shriek in pain or do anything. Kong continued to pound Tyrant with his fists until the chimera swings his mace bashing it on kongs right leg breaking it in two.

Kong screams in agonizing pain then drops to one knee. Tyrant gets back on his feet looking down at Kong then roars then he swings his mace again smacking it into the ape left leg breaking it in two making Kong cry an ear piercing scream then drops on both knee.

Kong raised his head and realized he was looking into the eyes of the devil, the ape god was never scared of anything not even Godzilla himself but looking into this monsters eyes gave him fear he never knew existed. King Kong tried to defend himself but fear took over his body and continued to lay on his knees.

Tyrant opens his mouth and releases hell’s flames on the great ape but Kong managed to cover his face with his arms but that only did little help the flames covered Kong’s entire body burning his fur and his skin. Tyrant stops his attack and looks at his opponent, the ape is still alive but not for long, Kong put his arms down and screams in pain his arms suffered fourth degree burns but it felt more like magma covering them. Tyrant enjoyed Kong’s suffering, now for the finishing blow. Legs broken and arms burning Kong was defenseless all he could do was stare into the face of the devil. Tyrant lifts his battle ax up looking down at Kong. King Kong closes his eyes and lets death accept him, the destroyer swings his ax cutting the great apes head clean off of his body. Kong’s head fell to the ground and his body slumped over lifeless, Tyrant roars into the heavens telling everyone around the island to stay out of his way or die a horrible death, killing this ape helped alittle but he still remembers the event he had with Ultraman, the chimera turns and walks away from Kong’s corpse.

Tyrant is king of Faro Island now but he had no interest in taking over this island all that was in his mind was revenge.

Tyrant walks into the shores of the beach ready to continue his search for Ultraman when suddenly a flapping sound filled his bat like ears he turns his head and saw a monster fly towards him, the ground started to crack and rise a few yards away, the chimera turns his head and spots another monster burst out of the ground, he then noticed waves forming in the water another monster rose out of the water shrieking then walks out of the sea and into the beach.

Tyrant backs away to see three monsters stand in his way, the chimera looks at all three of these monsters and roars while raises his arms showing these monsters its own hell.

To be continued…



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