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How WOMEN went extinct!!!

Submitted: June 17, 2011

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Submitted: June 17, 2011



"Failure to progress! Failure to progress!" DIBIA3.6 announced to its patient.
"Mmm..." Nneoma kept pushing, pretending not hear the humaniod doctor's singsong voice.
"Biko kwusi i puushu!" Please stop pushing! DIBIA3.6 pleaded in Igbo.
"Please madam, you need an oxytocin now!"
She glared at DIBIA3.6, "Mmm..." still pushing.
"Madam, biko kwusi ipu..." Madam, please stop pu...
"Shut up, you bloody robot!!" she interrupted angrily. "A choghi m oxytocin." I don't want oxytocin.
"Please madam, your cervix has failed to dilate for 62minutes." DIBIA3.6 responded.

Nneoma looked at the stopwatch in the room, 01:02:51. Over an hour already! She knew that 90minutes was the maximum time for delivery, even by her native country's standards. In fact, this Uwazurike Maternity Centre was one of the very few in the world still programming their obstetric robots to perform vaginal delivery. And vaginal delivery was considered old-fashioned in the Confederate of Antartica where she lived. She hated C-sections. That was why she had to return to Biafra in her determination to have her only child as naturally as possible.

"At this point, its either oxytocin or the Penta-pull." DIBIA3.6 concluded with finality.
"Ok," Nneoma sighed with resignation, "mezie Penta-pull." do the Penta-pull. She definitely prefered that to the intramuscular injection, oxytocin.

DIBIA3.6 swung into action instantly. It activated its ultra-ray vision while the five fingers of its right hand shot out to become tentacles. Then it slid these tentacles slowly between her vaginal walls and into her womb. As Nneoma watched the delicate procedure on the ultravideo screen in the room, she felt waves of overwhelming emotions drowning her. Anger. Fear. Sadness. Why hadn't anyone found a cure to "the XYZ" yet? Why did she have to be born in this cursed 23rd century anyway? Why not centuries ago when there were laughable diseases like HIV, TB or cancers? Why? Was Adanne right for discouraging from ever getting pregnant, from risking her life? Did her baby deserve this cruel fate? Oh, she couldn't wait to feel him, smell him, feed him, give him her all. But how could she do that in 18minutes? How? How?

As the stopwatch read 01:21:41,
"Nyeeee... nyeee...." the newborn's cry filled the room. Nneoma smiled for the first time in a very long while.
"Ooh, nwa m! Uwa m!" Ooh, my child! My world! she whimpered as DIBIA3.6 gently lowered the newborn into her bosom. She kissed his little head tenderly and began to suckle him. He was so cute, so innocent, so beautiful to behold. She just couldn't imagine her life without such a blessing. She wished she could hold him this way forever.
"Nwa m, afa gi bu Echidime," My child, your name is Echidime, she whispered into her baby's ear as if he could understand.

Before now, she had planned to name him Echezona but his first cry changed her mind. Echezona means "Never forget". She had wanted the name to be a future warning for him that malevolent masculinity had been the real cause of her ugly fate. Echidime, however, means "Tomorrow is pregnant." His cry gave her an undescribable feeling of eternal hope. A hope that the Mother Nature may yet have mercy on man, on her dear son. Still, she feared the inevitable. She knew it would soon happen. 01:30:45. That was why she tried so hard not to notice that stupid stopwatch. That was why she felt like a miserable martyr as soon as her big sister walked into the room sobbing. She knew that Adanne would fly in from Sokoto at the very last minute to see her. They smiled at each other in deepest sisterly affection. She wished she had more than the remaining 8minutes to be with the two people she loved most in the whole universe.

Ever since the outbreak of "the XYZ epidemic" in March 2223, three years ago, no pregnant mammalian specie had yet survived more than eighteen minutes after giving birth to its young. Worse still, no female foetus could develop at all. Strangely enough, even clones couldn't produce female babies. Only males were being born everywhere. Biologists soon discovered that this vicious virus specifically targeted and systematically destroyed most of the genome of the X-chromosome. It was much later that they could trace the origins of the virus to the Global Atomic War of 2178-2187. Global powers of Brazil, Cuba, Palestine, Somalia, Ghana, India and Vietnam all tried and still try to arrest " the XYZ", yet it defies global health science. Billions of female dogs, cats, monkeys, loins, whales amongst numerous other mammals have died and still die. Millions of women are still dying to this very day, the 2nd of November, 2226.

Nneoma was still suckling Echidime when her heart stopped beating at 01:39:09. Adanne lifted her newborn nephew from his dead mother's arms. While DIBIA3.6 recorded its latest patient as the 4,506,327th global victim of "the XYZ." An epidemic determined to end the human race.

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