Know Victor, Know Vanquished 2

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Submitted: July 30, 2011

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Submitted: July 30, 2011



Meanwhile, at that very hour, the Islamic Republic of Arewa was boiling.
“Wooohuuu… Wooohuu…” screamed thousands of Almajiri youths as they swarmed the streets of Borno, Bauchi, Zamfara, Sokoto, Niger, Yobe and a few other states. Many danced as they marched around mosques throwing bangers. Kpa, kpa, gbooom… broke the silence of the night as they raised sticks into the air like guns. Others kept chanting “Sai Mallam Dagger!! Sai Mallam Dagger!” at the top of their voices. Confusion was everywhere.

The Sharia police were almost caught off guard by this confusion. They tried to contain the situation with ruthless force, throwing tear gas and shooting bullets into the crowds. Little did they know that that was the exact expectation of the Almajiri revolutionaries. Little did they know that the Almajiri had secretely planted African Independent Television and Aljazeera news correspondents to capture the violent action of the police on live camera. It was an effective strategy too because it also distracted the Sharia police from the real action. For at that exact moment hundreds of armed Almajiri ambushed the palaces of Emirs, homes of politicians and even the residence of the Sultan of Sokoto himself. They moved stealthy in the dark with their guns and bombs, their eyes glowing like that of cats. These particular set of revolutionaries had gone to neighbouring Biafra only a month ago to undergo special eye surgery. The retina of their eyeballs were injected with tapetum lucidum to enable them have biological night vision. The doctor who was glad to test the new procedure however warned them that there was the danger of blindness but these youths were desperate. They damned the consequences. Their faith in the Biafran doctor paid off for now as it turned out successfully. Their guns spilled royal blood, their bombs destroyed the status quo. Now there was real pandemonium everywhere.

One of the shocking things about this Friday of July 2036 uprising was that for the first time in the history of this former Northern Nigeria, this Islamic Republic of Arewa, Christians and foreigners were not victims nor even targeted. In fact, few Igbos, Yorubas and other West Africans living or doing business in Arewa came out of their homes that night to cheer the youths. They understood the real reason the Almajiri were protesting on the streets. They knew that these wretched youths had been suffering in silence too long. They knew that the arrest of the rap icon, Mallam Dagger, was bound to break the camel’s back.

That was his stage name. Mallam Dagger was a hiphop and radio personality from Borno state. His rap and music focussed on the suffering of the poor majority in the hands of their Fulani ruling elites. As a result, Mallam Dagger became a terrible thorn in the flesh of the traditional and political rulers of Arewa since he released his first album in 2030. The album was of course banned and he was also stopped from staging or attending concerts. After a failed assasination attempt on his life the following year, Mallam Dagger was forced into self-exile in Cameroon by his record label. It was while there that he released his second album in 2033 and made it available for free download to his poor people back home. Nothing could stop Mallam Dagger now. His revolutionary music spread like a vicious virus from his website to phones, from bluetooth to bluetooth, street to street, cities to villages and from the eardrums into the souls of his countless fans in Arewa. It was while in exile that he launched his own radio programme popularly called the Almajiri Talk Hour in 2035, the previous year. Naturally, he won the hearts of more and more poor Muslim youths all over Africa.

Had the Arewa government known the extent of his fans die-hard devotion to him they might chosen not to arrest him as soon as his flight landed at the Muhammadu Buhari International Airport in Abuja this morning. And had the Sharia police known that the youths screaming and dancing in the streets and around mosques this night were peaceful protesters, they would have saved their time and energy for the main freedom fighters. Nobody could have warned them that the since the emergence of Mallam Dagger years ago, the Almajiri had been aroused to take their own destinies into their hands. Nobody could have warned them that Mallam Dagger had sworn to revenge the attack on his life few years ago by sponsoring them with his wealth. Nobody could have told them that Mallam Dagger’s return from self-exile was no dare-devil stunt but a deliberate move on the chessboard of today’s revolution.

The greatest shock of this day came at exactly 22:00 when Major-General Dankwuwa made an announcement on Arewa national television. He was the Minister of Defense and Chief of Army Staff as well as the younger brother of the Sultan of Sokoto. Everybody sensed that things were about to get bloodier.

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