Rose Red And Her Huge Boobs

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The new redhead girl in school has huge boobs.

Rose Red And Her Big Boobs


"Did you see the new girl yet?"

"Yeah, I saw her this morning in my math class"

"Well, what do you think?"

"I think she dresses too much like Rocky, when he runs up the stairs.  I mean, sweats and converse high tops? Come on.  Not to mention those black framed glasses. Ok, maybe Clark Kent meets Rocky and they sell some stuff at a swapmeet? She comes by and makes them an offer they can't refuse."

"Shut up! Can't you see what she's trying to hide under that loose sweater?"

"No, Do you think she might be wearing a bomb or something? Maybe she keeps a secret computer in there, cause she's always saying the right answers in class. She must be cheating--------

"No asshole! She has huge tits"

"Are you sure? I still think something else is going on under those sweaters she's always wearing. But say she does have big ones? So what? She's covered in freckles, never wears nice clothes or makeup, she never dresses out for P.E., she just walks the track for the whole class. She's fucken wierd dude. How is she gonna pass P.E. doing that shit?" 

"Who cares about P.E. man? You said it yourself, she's smart as shit."

"Okay she's smart, but she doesn't talk to anybody. She pretends she doesn't hear you. Unless your a teacher or something. Like I said, she's funken weird dude. Big tits or not."

"What's her name?"


"I have to get to class, see you later dude." 


The school day ends with the ring of the bell. Rose gathers her books and binders and carefully puts them into her backpack. She's only been at her new highschool for a month and already she hears some the same tasteless jokes wispered and giggled behind her back.  She tries not to care, but she can't. She walks toward the bus, her long red ponytail swinging from side to side. She feels her hair swinging and wants to stop it, but that would mean to walk slower or put her backpack on her back and she always preferred to keep her pack clutched to her chest. She hated the feeling of her boobs bouncing while she walked, but she had to hurry if she wanted her favroite spot on the bus. First seat against the window. Opposite side of the driver. If she sat behind the bus driver he would no doubt be watching her boobs in the big mirror.  She gets to her favorite seat on the bus clutching her bag against her chest, she looks out the window away from driver, hoping he doesn't talk to her. After twenty attempts of small talk, he must of got the hint. She sees the "it" couple holding hands walking to his 69 Camaro.  The "it" girl takes a selfie of them with big fake grins on there faces.

Rose pickes up her little seven year old brother from the babysitters across the street.  Something she's done ever since her mom went back to school to be a nurse. Then her mom got a job at the hospital working nights.  So raising her little brother some how became her job. Only because it was just the three of them.  She never met her real father, and her little brother's father? Well lets just say she blames her own boobs for why her mom is single and doesn't seem to love her the same as her brother. With all the world eyes on her boobs, she wondered if anyone would ever see her again. See her like she was before the mammoths of mass destruction ever attached themselves to her petite little body. She remember loving to wear dresses and running as fast as she could without worries of giant waterbaloons pulling on your chest throwing you off balance. She thinks Dolly Parton would know what it was like. 

"What are you? A tits or ass guy?"


"I think I'm both. Is that possible?"


"Yes it's possible. Everybody's both! But one is more dominate."


"I'd say, I like the butt more. The girls with the nicest butts have small boobs. It's a sacrafice I'm willing to make."


"Not me man, I'm a tit man. Don't get me wrong I like the butt too and legs and all, but the tits dude. They have a power over me. Tits have real power man. A nice ass can only go so far. Like how many moviestars will show a butt cheek? Most of them I think. But a nice pair of tits? Not fake ones. But real nice tits can change the whole movie from crap to great."


"What about the rest of the girl, like her face or even her personality. Does that even matter?" 


"Of course it matters, like say the face and everthing is fine but she has a perfect set of tits--  I don't know it would be the fucken bomb dude."


"Are you thinking of Rose Red again? Man, I told you she doesn't talk to anyone."


"I think I'm in love with her."


"Your in love with someone you never met or talked too. And why? Because she might have perfect tits. She might have lopsided lumpy or saggy hairy giant nippled montrosities. Would you love her then?"


"I bet she has those tiny little nipples that don't need to be wet or cold to stay small."


"You need to get yourself a girl man. Rose Red is way out of your fucken league dude. She has brains and is more than a pretty face with big tits."


"What ? You have the hots for her too?"


"No. It doesn't matter anyway, because you know who with his fucken Camaro and million dollar bank account has been asking about her."


"Fuck that guy! Mr varsity asshole!"


"You never even met the guy."


"I don't need to meet every asshole in school to know they're a fucken asshole."


"Spoken like a true---


"Don't even say it."




"I thought you were gonna say ass--


"From your ass hole to your collar!"


"Your a fucken punk!"


"Hey, there's Rose. Go ask her to the prom."


Another painfull school day is almost over for Rose. It's hot and wearing a sweater all day everyday has a few drawbacks. She can't wait to get home and turn on the air-conditioner and once her little brother goes to bed she can curl up with a good book. 





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