My Memory Of You

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The poem "Promise" has to do with this story sort of lol! Hope you enjoy!

Submitted: November 24, 2008

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Submitted: November 24, 2008



His arms wrapped around mine are the sweetest memories that I hold in my head. The shape of his lips and the curve of his smile, all these features that are his, make me want him even more. The way the moonlight bounces off his silvery white hair and the glow in his grey eyes are so perfectly mesmerizing beautiful. His loud booming laugh that is full of carefree years of childhood ring on every note. Everything that I see is what makes up my Max. An angel from hell.
We love each other and that is for sure. No bond in this universe could break us, but only make us. We are the twins in the stars, so perfectly matched.
It’s under these stars that he takes me under now. He puts on slow music to fill the silent air and he wraps his muscular hands around my hips. We sway silently with his lips against my neck. Kissing it so very tenderly. I close my eyes and only listen to our breathing.
We were made to be and that’s no doubt. It’s like we are two puzzle pieces meant to click together to finish the puzzle.
My night is complete and all we do is dance until we fall to the ground on our blanket. We murmur secrets in each other’s ear and giggle. I start to fall asleep when I hear him say his final secret, “I love you.” My night is so perfect. His arms wrapped inside mine are the sweetest memories that I hold, and I’ll never let them go.
~Month 2
We drive in his car to meet his parents. He is carefree and laughs his wonderful laugh, but I am nervous. He kisses me and tells me that I will be fine. He declares that I am all he has ever wanted in life and the I am perfect. He would still date me even if his parents didn’t approve.
We reached his house with its bright blue painted walls and a fire going giving it a cabin feel. I starred at it as Max got out of the car and came up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. “Don’t worry,” he whispers and then slings me over his shoulder as I laugh hysterically. We come into his house that way.
The dinner was wonderful and I feel like I fit right into his family. His father was funny and his mother was sweet. Yes, I got along just fine. Later his mother pulled me aside and became completely serious. “I love my son with all my heart and if you hurt him in any way I will make sure you wished you never meet him.” I was scared and in shock, but I took her seriously and straightened myself.
“Mrs. Finter, I would never hurt the angel that came into my life.” She smiled at me and kissed me on the forehead.
I drove us to my house because he feel asleep. When I reach my house I turned off the engine and looked at his dreaming face. After a while, I took a blanket from the back and wrapped us in it, falling asleep with him in his car. I fell asleep with the silent rhythm of his heartbeat as my lullaby.
~Day 54
He arrives at my door looking as handsome as ever. He wears a black and blue suit that matches him completely. He combed his hair in a way that took my breath away, but what got me was his eyes. An almost silvery grey tonight, like diamonds but more precious.
I touched his chest very delicately to make sure that this wasn’t a dream. He laughed at me and rubbed his hand against my check while kissing me. Sweet and bitter was this kiss and it sent me into a slight daze. Still overwhelmed, he took me too his car and we drove to a restaurant with music so sweet, I cried when I entered it.
We hardly ate, but only talked about life and how our day. He was graduating from high school soon and I was just entering. We talked for hours before we left and when we got outside again, it was bitch black. But our night wasn’t over yet. He took me to the theater’s were watched a romantic movie, of course I cried.
Then we went to a fair where he won a prize and gave it to me. We were both laughing and merry all the way back. But when we had to separate, it became silent. He walked me to my doorstep were he handed me a rose and kissed my hand. Then he left without a word and I was alone outside with chirping crickets. His car pulled out of the driveway and drove off. I sighed and went inside.
~Year 1 & Day 14
I awoke and found myself on a plane. I was confused and dazed but calmed down when I saw Max starring at me with love twinkling in his eyes. I blushed and kissed his shoulder. My memory slowly came back to me.
I was now Mrs. Finter and we were going to Paris, France for our honeymoon. The replay of our wedding was playing on in my head as I was handed my breakfast by the flight attendant. I ate slowly letting all this newfound information sink into my mind.
“How is Mrs. Finter?” said Max with a smile wide on his face from the sentence. I only nodded my head and smiled at him. He smiled back and kissed me on the forehead. “Eat,” he commanded “we are almost there.” A few hours later, we were in the most beautiful place on Earth. My breathe was taken away and Max only added to that.
My day seemed to slip away as me and Max went to our glamorous hotel and started our sightseeing. Then at night we filled the darkness with each other. Loving as passionately and probably more than any couple in this universe. Love filled my inner being and I became peaceful. I was were I was meant to be.
The rest of our honeymoon consisted of sightseeing and then at night, each other. After a few days we go back to America and on the plan he tells me: “I will never leave you.”
“I won’t leave you either. I promise that Max with all of my heart.” So began our journey on a road that we were both willing to travel, just as long as we had each other.
~Year 2 and Month 8
I woke up and looked on my cell phone. There were three messages. One was from Max saying that he was going to the store to get me something special. The second message was also from Max saying he was on his way home. I didn’t listen to the third.
I went into the living and turned on the news. I watched for a few minutes and then a clip saying there was our house and I knew Max would be taking that road on his way back so I called him. No one answered, but I thought nothing of it because he never answers his phone when he is driving.
“There is only one death reported so far. We will keep you updated…” said a reporter and it a clip showed someone in a blue shirt being put in an ambulance. They had cuts all over them, but looking closely I noticed roses everywhere. I called Max again. I heard a cell phone ringing in the scene as well as mine. They were in synch with each other. Mine rang, it rang. A man walked over to the boday and reached into the bodies pocket and took our a cell phone.
My line finally reached its caller. “Hello?” a man said on my phone and in the TV. I didn’t speak. The shot moved into the dead body and only then did I recognize the blood stained white hair.
“Max.” I whispered and my phone dropped from my hand. Then I heard a beep from my phone and the third message, the final message, played. “I love you,” and then it ended.
~Year 3 Month 9 Day 14
I walk on the dewy grass of the cemetery. The wind blew lightly on my face and I could smell the scent of freshly cut grass. My gown whips with the spirit of the wind. I finally reach the grave. A tear runs down my cheek and then I fall apart.
“YOUR LEFT ME… MAX I NEED YOU!” I sob uncontrollably and I fall unto the ground. I cry for what feels like an eternity but I eventually calm myself down. I placed a rose onto the gravestone.
“It’s from your son and I. You missed his first birthday. I wish you were here to see him. He is just as beautiful as you are.” I gasped with breathe to control myself and continued. “I’m not breaking my promise Max, I’m never going to leave you. Neither is Dylan. Yeah, I named him after your dog. I love you Max.”
I got up from the grass and walked away. Though I walked away from my one true love, I will never leave him. I visit him once a week with Dylan and once a month by myself. The wind seemed to hug around and I closed my eyes pretending at least for a second that Max was hugging me good bye on my doorstep one last time.
~Day 1

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