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My feelings were so strong after reading this book, that I had to write a review on it no matter how short.

Submitted: December 10, 2008

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Submitted: December 10, 2008




Put in your mind right now that I don't do much book reviews. I don't because I belive that a book cannot be judged by one person even a group of people cannot judge it. But I am hear now not to review, but to simply state my feelings on the book as they are presented upon themselves. Please keep this in mind as you read.


I choose the book originally because of the cover. I am one of those people that judges a book by their cover because the cover shows me the enthusiasm of the author. Anyway, I found the book quite boring in like the first two sentences but a little voice told me that I wanted to keep on reading it, so I did. And here I am saying I am glad I did.

It is about a boy who has a diesease and is only given a year to live... until he reaches his "deadline" as the name is so cleaverly given.

This book presents a powerful message that most people have forgotten in this modern world. I myslef have found myself trapped in that warped way of the unthruthful. It sent a message to me, in fact I found that the author so cleaverly placed multiple messages into it.

1. The reality of death

2. Truth

3. Acceptance of life

4. And of course learning to become more powerful than "the deadline"

I always thought that books like this need to be more read but they were always too... unmodern. This one hit it perfectly. Not only is it in the perspective of a teenager but it also shines the light of reality as well. That no matter what, we will always reach our deadline. I request this book for anyone willing to learn something and give 5 stars to the author all the way. I will put a warning that it should be read by any age higher than 15 as there is some.... content that I deem unappropriate for any other age below. But again, my opinon.

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