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Love letters

Submitted: November 15, 2012

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Submitted: November 15, 2012



  Dear Queen,

Baby I don't play a spade where a heart should be.
I know you want proof in which I agree.
I don't want just relations with you, but to forever, with you, sail love's ship.
Our love will have no cliff ,and I promise you won't slip.
Holding you, I have a firm grip.
I'm the type to communicate not flip.
I'll take good care of you like a vegetables garden to a farmer.
I respect you for putting on your armor.
I'll be there to help you do your best, while the world wants you to do your worst.
I don't just want to be friends with you, but your best friend first.
I've matured from my past mistakes.
To keep you satisfied I'll do whatever it takes.
If we do argue I'll listen as you speak.
I'll always treat you new and special, never like an antique.
Apologies will be said if I'm wrong.
Not just for your body, but your mind and heart is what I want to keep strong.
I'll flirt only with you cause all my attention you have it.
You don't have to give me your whole heart, but half, at first we'll split.
Like air I need you everyday and night.
All I need you to do is give me a chance to always do you right.

Love Ur,

Royal Highness.

Dear Queen,

How you felt on that night of being alone, is how I would feel the rest of my life without you.
I swear I read your letters a million time through.
Every time I look at you I fall in love all over again.
I'm going to hell, if loving you was a sin.
The sun and rainbows, is what I'm going to transform your skies, that were grey.
Like my thoughts, the way I feel about you, no one can take away.
Your aroma smells better, then sweet summer rain.
Let my words smoothen out the tension in your brain.
As long as I have life, I want you to be my wife.
Rather then feeling the loss of you, I'd rather get cut with a knife.
For you, I'm willing to change me, just to love you, even better.
You'll always be important to me, like a capital letter.
For what my life needed, God was right on time, when I found you.
Thank you baby for letting me prove to you that I'll remain true.
Your worth more then I can give you indeed.
For our love to be a beanstalk it has to start off as a magical seed.
We're the magical seeds intwined as one.
Like being on a treadmill , inside my mind you always on the run.
We are one, by fate.
Knowing I'm going to see you, I tremble cause I can't wait.

Love ur

future husband

Da KinG

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