Ammuntion words

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king style

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012



And now A poem from our King:

Hey, it me, The King, always in commission.

Taking what I want with no need for permission.

My words bring you a beautiful expedition.

Hate on me and  I will have you tapping out like a wrestling submission.

This poem is on me so you won't be charged for this admission.

Yeah you read my past poetry but I know you weren't prepared for this edition.

My words shoot out like ammunition.

To be the greatest King of all time is my ambition.

Say what you want about me being the King but I don't see it as being fiction.

Saying I am not The  King will cause us to be in friction.

Writing poetry and being  DA King has became my addiction.

War with me ,you won't make it to see a third round is my prediction.

Anyone on top of me i already sent them out with a eviction.

For me to have done what has never been done before is truly non fiction.

To get on top I had to share my affliction.

My kingdom is here with my jurisdiction.

I am the one who speaks while y'all just pay attention and listen.

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