Anti M.O.E

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Against M.O.E

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012



Feeding the youth M.O.E , (money over everything)
you can't be real.
More then our friends ,family so that is the deal.
Momma should have told me there will be days like this
Then maybe
I wouldn't be pissed
cause it stays like this.
King says L.O.E ( Love over everything.)
It is the love you give
the unimportance is the ring.

I woke up in a nation full of violence and greed.
If the rich is better
then let me see if they can't bleed.
Corrupted garbage is what they brain wash our seeds.
If you are going to love do it from your heart
instead of seeing it as deeds.
Not being rich is the reason I am ,who I am .
Look at the Presidents
who don't do what they promised
they have the money
they don't see us
all they see is them.
Changes is needed and I ain't just speaking this off no paper in front of me.
I believe in a better world
cause I have faith
without having to see.
It is evil's plan to keep us
One way or another I will be heard even if your help is not provided.
I made it out of the quick sand
and mind.
No one in this world is like
it's good to be one of a kind.
I am not bragging about me just letting those that don't know
Summertime is my heart
it use to be cold like snow.
I am Anti M.O.E.
People couldn't be who I use to be.

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