Before Da King 's speech

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tHIS takes place before AND NOW A SPEECH FROM OUR KING

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012



Security in place before I arrive.
My hat is as low as my eyes,I'm in the back as my chauffeur drives.
All is anticipation for my Royal speech.
My guards is close so no one could reach.
I am so hood and suburban at the same time.
Either way it goes I'm getting paid even if it is a comment for my rhyme.
The crowd came like a football game.
I speak from my heart even with fame.
I have no shame.
I'm going to speak of being true to yourself and change.
Every time I write I reach uncharted range.
Have you noticed how t.v would make you lust?
They having the camera right there ,that's all  to keep you brained washed  and your relationship ,won't have any  trust.
I'm Da King by no accident just by fate.
It feels good to be on top and don't have to get yelled at if I am late.
I could do the yelling if I choose.
If my past story would be music,then  it would be the blues.
I promise from here on out I'm going the right way.
My people love me ,hear that standing ovation, I get that even with no word to say.
There  is so  much responsibility in a land where everyday is doomsday.
My people you mean more to me then pay.
I live by yesterday is gone what are  you going to do today?
I just hope it sinks in every thing that will be said.
I am the true KinG breathing or dead.

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