Cupid would cry

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A love poem about if we would break up

Submitted: May 06, 2012

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Submitted: May 06, 2012



IF we were to separate many of our tears would fall .
Our heads would be sunk down with no reason to stand tall.
Moving on would not be a good thing.
That next person doesn't deserve the good or bad that we bring .
Cause we are still not over each other.
There is nothing like losing a lover.
Everyone can see ur expression on ur face but truly they don't care.
They would try to say he or she is not worth it but really they r and sad love songs keep playing in your ears.
Alone and not use to it so early you go to sleep.
In your dream (aw damn) you see him or her instead of sheep.
Wake up in the morning seeing nothing but pillows and sheets.
Getting over this mountain why does it feel so steep.
Everything reminds you of him and her even a smile .
Hating on love couples thinking they can take that love thing up some miles.
Pride kicks in so getting back together you wont try.
I swear if we separate cupid would cry.


\"heart\"DA KING

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