Da King's thoughts on how to have a good relationship

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My thoughts on how to have a good relationship

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



Sometimes you have to train your lover to be what you want in the future.
If you never experienced what true love is how will they know if they are doing right or wrong?
All it takes is one wrong advice and you could be changed for life.
It is very easy to pick up and keep a habit.

Never let a person that is not happy make you unhappy.

these are the key to a healthy relationship.


Never be afraid to do little things ,love doesn't always have to cost.
Like a massage ,note, poem,star glazing ,I love you should be showed more.
If you love that person you wouldn't hurt that person ,no matter what.
Out of love you respect.
If you don't want to love that person, why get in a relationship?
Love ,don't do the opposite.


Honesty is not lying ,so that person can believe everything you say.
No one wants a liar.(unless you are a lawyer)
The saying is true ,when they say the truth shall set you free.
If you don't lie that person would believe you over the world.


No one is a mind reader .
Say what you want or what he or she is doing wrong.
If you would have discuss what was wrong ,then cheating doesn't even have to happen.
It could have been avoided .
Nobody deserves to be cheated on.
Talking is very important.
Talking is a key to a good relationship.
It was talking that made you friends.
Communication is a must in a true relationship.

I am Da KinG and this is my thoughts on what I think would make a good relationship.

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