I love you sooo much

Status: Finished

I love you sooo much

Status: Finished

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Submitted: November 03, 2012

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Submitted: November 03, 2012



I had a bad early life, but having you brought happiness to my story.

I love you like a horror fan loses to see scary movies that are gory.

If another girl can do me better then you, then I still wouldn't want to meet her.

For my life to be my wife, you're the only girl I prefer.

When I first met you, I'm glad I didn't pass love, for you I came to a complete stop.

My love for you is like the sky. meaning that it's always on top.

If you wrote a message in a bottle and I found it, I'd travel the ocean just to meet you.

I wouldn't do to you, what I wouldn't like done to me, so to you I'll always be true.

All because I have you, I'm glad to be me.

All my love for you wouldn't be able to fit in a sea.

Like in a car I want to be wrapped around you like your seat belt.

Without having to say a word you make my heart melt.

I love that I can be myself around you, and could share with you any emotion.

I swear forever you have my love's devotion.

When I listen to love songs I swear they are singing about us.

I would rather die then to violate your trust,

Time with you, I wish will never rush.

All in all, this poem is letting you know, that I love you so much.

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