I'll do anything to make it work

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Submitted: October 10, 2012

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Submitted: October 10, 2012



Having you is great news like the doctor telling the patient that he or she no longer has Cancer.
The definition of what love is you're the answer.
Our once upon a time wouldn't be right without living it happily ever after.
Your name alone brings me joy and laughter.
We have One love but two hearts.
I love you as a whole not just because of your parts.
We think the same so you should know that I love you.
I want to keep you forever I swear I do.
My love for you is without flaws.
We go good together like prisoners and collect calls.
When you look in the mirror you see my love as your reflection.
Like a sign you're love's direction.
Me without you is like Countries without flags.
My love for you won't change whether we are living with riches or in rags.
Facing this world we are a perfect team.
Me without you is a Oreo with no cream.
Forgive me when I'm not me and being a jerk.
For our love I would do anything just to make it work.

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