King at Da club

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King Diary story

Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012



I walked in the club people was surprised it was me.
The bartender said "my money is no good here ,so it's all free.
Walking through the crowd I got flirty eyes and people who salute.
Even if I weren't the King ladies would still think I'm cute.

The people in the club my name is in their mouth like a flute.

People that will never call me King is in mute.

I made the bar lose out on money cause I got Cristal til they ran out.

I came to have a good time not 2 tell people what I'm about.
There is a time and a place 4 everything so I'm enjoying myself here.
In front of ur eyes haters will act like they care.
Before I dance with a girl I have 2 check them 4 my safety.
Women is a good decoy leading me 2 the ones who hate me.
If you don't like there is someone else who will.
I'm a Cancer so I'm good at expressing how I feel.
We Love U KinG!!!
I love U Too !!!!.
King got stamina that could wear out 2.
In the front and back of me I'm dancing with two.
In the crowd minds is thinking ,I wish I was you.
Time was enjoyed but ladies this is where it ends.
My people is my family so I have no friends.
People lying telling their friends I'm cool with them, like I'm in that club over and over again.
I look and laugh cause in their dreams they must be living in.

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