Live, love and survive

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Words from Da KinG

Submitted: October 04, 2012

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Submitted: October 04, 2012



Hate or love me to death.
What Da KinG says, goes like a ref.
I mean it when I say it,while speaking it loud like ur deaf.
Haters is mad cause they got left.
Da KinG is right.
Keep darkness away from ur light.

Believe but not just by sight.
A giant on a giant footstool is my height.
In war I'm prepared for the fight.
I'm in space with my level but I remember when I was lower then a kite.
Hunger belly aches at night.
When you get older barely eating cause it's a habit from hard times in the past.
On top haters can't wait to see how long your going to last.
I thought I was nothing, not knowing I'm shining in the day time.
After I'm dead people will still be learning from my poetry's rhyme.
Being denied toss around still makes you feel unloved.
I felt not enough times have I been hugged.
Who denies me as Da KinG by now they are just yesterday's trash.
I'll be on fire until I ash.
Then I will be in the air forever.
I am dealing with the world and my other side
making it even hard to keep it together.
Love me even if I'm leather with holes.
That is your brothers ,your calling niggaz,and
your sisters your calling hoes.
With Me and my people we are marching instead of stepping on toes.
I knew I would become something great after I wrote Lord Knows.
Because we are all human there should be no separating.
We live in this world where love is being drowned out by the hating.
Know matter what keep hope alive.
Love as you live and survive.

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