Molested (my sin)

Status: Finished

Molested (my sin)

Status: Finished

Molested (my sin)

Poem by: King webstar Da 1st


Genre: Poetry



All true


All true


Submitted: November 26, 2012

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Submitted: November 26, 2012



This pain is hard to hide.

Everyday now I wish in my sleep I died.

Here is me at 8 year's old.

In world where hearts remain cold.

I'm just learning how to write, I shouldn't know about sex.

Me being touched on forever will leave my life complex.

The molester is my cousin.

Babysitting, the right way, she wasn't .

She said if you tell you're going to die.

So telling anyone I never bothered to try.

How could she have touched me? How can I forgive.

It forever effected my future and how I live.

I thought sex was a natural thing, not knowing at that age it's wrong.

I taught myself, the past will dominate you if your not strong.

Now I am grown but addicted to lust & sex with a Royal Heart that has a hole.

It's easy to feel down about yourself and become smaller then a troll.

4ever I feel like I'm damaged,

How can I manage?

This is not something you can fix with a bandage.

Life always kept me at a disadvantage.

I felt like a flower without it's petals.

Don't let it keep you down, continue climbing the levels.

For no more of this to anyone, I'm Da KinG a Royal Peace rebel.

There is nothing like not trusting where you lay your head at 2 rest.

Being molested ,raped,or abused could leave you petrified til death.

Maybe the only good thing about it, is every girl says I am their best.

Cause I'm experienced, but that feeling still doesn't pump so well in my chest.

This burden of the way I'm feeling is hard to digest.

The love for myself became less.

Real love, from others, 4 me, is always requested.

This is how I felt after being molested

© Copyright 2016 King webstar Da 1st. All rights reserved.

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