My Royal swag

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Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012



I don't have to talk I let My Swag talk for me.

You are who you claim to be.

I have Royal blood pumping  through my veins.

I am the greatest like Goku with the super saiyans.

What do you need friends for if they can't help keep you away like dirt on a rag.

I am the only person in the Universe with a Royal Swag.

My poetry makes people think like doing jail time.

Whether your in the suburbs or the ghetto it has no effect on how well you use your mind.

(meaning you can be a dumb in the suburbs and a genius in the ghetto)

You would think I am the old Nike commercial the way "I Just Do It" .

When my words aren't painting pictures, they are flowing like fluid.

I Am Da KinG no matter what he or she say.

Face it my enemies  can't catch me they are always on delay.

If I can't get freedom in life's game then I don't want to play.

I was always a  fighter so I never had a bully.

I Am Da KinG physically and mentally I have grown fully.

My poetry stays energized with no battery.

Love your KinG never take it as being too flattery.

Now I Am where I Am suppose to be and that's on top.

I will never be dethroned or surrender my crown ,so all the hate towards me matters well stop.

King like Martin Luthur ,with," let freedom ring."

So let them know that they really can't Fuck with Da KinG.

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