Our love has no limit

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Submitted: November 14, 2012

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Submitted: November 14, 2012



A still picture of you is what I stare at.
Your the perfect fit like a hat.
If I could cry to bring you here I would.
Letting you know how much I love you is something i do and not should.
All for that smile of yours I would be very creative.
By love we are related.
Like water everyday it's you I have to touch.
From the way I feel about you,your name should be I love you soooo much.
Our love is a statue that will forever stand.
I love you enough to want to put engagement and wedding rings on all your fingers on each hand.
Your my bright star Queen.
On me you can forever lean.
I would pick you over anyone in this whole planet.
Having you forever in my life, is the only way I planned it.
If forever we can't be then I'm enjoying every moment with you now.
I love you the best way I know how.
I'll be ripped to shreds by a shark just for you to swim safely to the shore.
Your involvement in my life is never a bore.
I'm forever happy because now I don't have to dream to see you.
To keep me is simple, just stay faithful and love me is all you have to do.
I'm hypnotized by love when I look into your eyes
Just thinking of my love for you gives my stomach butterflies.
Lots of men show less love, in time.
Not me, I'll always treat you special, cause your mine.
I represent, the you, in I, everywhere I go.
Beavers couldn't build a damn to stop our love's flow.
My life has no meaning without your part in it.
Evey day looking at you, I'm reminded of how our love has no limit.

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