Put no one over your Kid

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Parable .Moral story poem

Submitted: October 25, 2012

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Submitted: October 25, 2012



Tear drops don't ease the pain.

Her face is pouring down with rain.

Her mom has a new man.

Sad cause her involvement is not apart of his plan.

Her mother believes anything that he would say.

It's Her or her mother's man, so she was kicked

out and has no where to stay.

She talks her way into staying with a friend.

Only for a couple of weeks then her staying will end.

Waste of time and paper, is her job applications.

Soon she finds herself sleeping at all kinds of different locations.

Family? What family they don't care.

She could be sleeping on their porch, and they'll act like she is not there.

A man with jewelry and a nice car approached ,and her troubles she thought was going to flee.

He has only pretend interest, but she is to blind to see.

In the days, she slept, in the night, she partied, that became of her life.

He now talks to her like she is worthless, when they first met, he was treating her like his soon to be wife.

When the money and the drugs were gone, she was told to sell her body in the streets.

She is super thin cause she barely eats.

If she doesn't make enough she gets slapped in the face.

Lots of times she got raped and found herself in a unknown place.

If she gets locked up, he doesn't even pay her bail.

She just rots until she is released from jail.

One day her man talked her into robbing a dealer out west.

So she put something in his drink and was thinking the first part, I have passed the test.

She started taking everything that was valuable all around the bed.

He woke up a shot was fired and now that poor girl is dead.

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