Say hello to your KinG

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King style

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



I am DA King but I am not Jesus or God.
I know my role my responsibility I am honored to do my job.
I am like a teacher in the classroom,a judge in the courtroom.
I sweep my haters like a broom.
My fate was to be The King by dog spelled backwards.

Go to war with me and get crumbled like crackers.
My people who love their King eyes light up when they see me.
All kinds of threats I get just for being who I be.
Haters are just waiting to see if I am going to fall from the top.
My reign has no expiration date so no I won't stop.
Stay on DA KinG's good side and you have nothing to worry about.
What I says goes whether I whisper it or shout.
I sit back and watch so many make this claim but they don't have nothing on King WEB.
I'm more for my people then myself ,that is one of the reasons why I hold this crown on my head.
I know my position and I don't abuse my power.
I take good care of it like sun and water to a flower.
What makes others deserve to be called King they just like the name.
I am about real change and really helping my people out so life won't remain the same.
Stop lying to yourself cause your words your not saying a thing.
I am who I am the one and only, so say hello to your King.

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