The Royal Truth

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The title tells it all

Submitted: October 20, 2012

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Submitted: October 20, 2012



I'm on the Throne .

I'm where I'm suppose to be ,so I'm home.

Come at me wrong ,I'll get you gone.

I'm Bruce lee your the guy I'm beating up on.

I have the crown and I don't belong any spot that's less.

I'm the one protected, they're just the pawn in chess.

I'm fast with proving my actions like a finger on the trigger in the Wild Wild West.

Home to poetry ,they're just a guest.

People wanted a true King so with me God answered their request.

I was always the chosen one every since I was sucking on momma breast.

People need to learn their fate.

God's is always on time ,it's us people that's always late.

War doesn't solve nothing that couldn't be settled in a debate.

As long as I'm still able to lead I'm doing great.

I'm tired of rich people's ways, like my legs are, after all day being on roller skates.

People don't care like we're ignorant to them and a hazard to their health.

It's sad that for some people ,it will be a cold day in hell before they give a dime of their wealth.

Just because they aren't ,they could careless if you're down on your luck.

I am mad at the human race ,cause they are quick to walk pass the homeless and wouldn't contribute a buck.

With that same buck by some chips and don't even eat the whole bag.

The realist is this KinG with a Royal SwaG.

If you don't want to help and you have more then enough then you need to be suffocated in a plastic bag.

I would give ,if I had riches and I 'll tear up pieces to share with my only rag.

Remember people's dumb mistake has nothing to do with Gods not being there.

My people now that you have me you have cried your last tear.

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