We have saved the best for last

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Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012



You don't have to  win at the prom ,cause your already my queen.
When we kiss it is better then any love scene.
I need you like brain cells need oxygen.
Even though you are my last ,I'll always put you first like George Washington.
Your always on my mind so  replacing you is living without a brain.
All of me is
your domain.
There is nothing wrong with being perverted over you.
Me without you is like no meat in stew.
Every time I am around you I am happy like kids at a water park.
Me without you is like no gills or fins on a shark.
Like sharks ,whales and dolphins my love for you never sleeps.
Not seeing  you everyday would give me the creeps.
By having you I have true love and it feels great.
With no need for a alarm clock my love for you is never late.
Every girl I been with added a piece and your that last piece to
my life's puzzle.
It is me and you against the world like we are both in a unpopable bubble.
My love for you is larger then vast.
We aren't each other first but we have saved each other as the best for last.

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