What we have is a true love story

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Submitted: September 26, 2012

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Submitted: September 26, 2012



In my black and white world you came in and brought the color.
You give me perfect satisfaction so I don't need no other.
Me without you is like a butterfly with no wings.
I look at your hands and think all your fingers deserves diamond rings.
The thought of you brings me a love's aura.
My love for you is on top like a giant wearing a  fedora.
My love for you is 100 percent real ,so I know that never ending it will last.
The moment you came into my life it's like I never had a love's past.
A day with you I wish could last eternity.
When your away my heart is burning me
Your smile makes the sun jealous because you shine more then it.
I love you more then a couch potato loves to sit.
If lost, your beauty shines the way for me to find my way home.
I am dedicated to you like Caesar was with Rome.
My love for you is a deposit that no one but you can withdrawal.
Our love is running while other are just learning how to crawl.
I am the happiest when your by my side.
When we are both dead people will say this is a story of a love that never died.

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