With love it's time to walk

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Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



My reign is continuous.

My Royal Love is ambiguous.

My Kingdom is built on defense ,I strike right after I counter.

I made it from the bottom to the top so I'm Da KinG mounter.

I'm living in this world that would strike you even after you beg for mercy.

I order you death by acid ,and you'll be melted like the sun ,on chocolate made by Hershey.

For people that don't want to ever love ,to see my face their unworthy.

My love is contagious and spreads like herpes.

I'm telling you everything will be alright ,like comforting a kid that's afraid of clowns.

Being Da KinG,made me addicted to crowns.

The things I wanted in life, school never taught me.

For the youth more money , drugs and murder is what I see.

I seen teenage girls get addicted to crack ,by their so called man, on purpose to bring him money.

She is selling her body all night and sleeping when it's sunny.

He is giving her less then what she worked for ,as he's counting what she made him in cash.

When he is gone ,she is looking ,for his stash.

She wants to leave but she feels trapped.

She tried to leave and got slapped.

If I would say something he would look at me like I'm hating the player in the game.

A lot of the streets is nonsense but the will to survive is all the same.

When you're doing wrong ,karma has a way of making you pay.

My people I pray for good karma to come your way.

The past could seem like a withdrawal.

With love it's time to walk ,cause forever you can't crawl.

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