Yes I am Da KinG

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Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012



No one can take care of me like I do.

Sometime I look in the mirror and I tell myself I forgive you.

I can't blame the world for all my mistakes sometimes it was my other side.


Now I admit my faults as a man with no reason to hide.

Look at me now Da KinG when I was little people considered me to be slow.

Even a genius has problems but it never stops that person's show.

I think everyone has a habit that they shouldn't do.

People need to accept who they are ,cause your just being you.

I can get preached all day and still go out there and do what I was told not to do.

If I want to make mistakes let me,I run my life not you.

Your KinG is very motivational to help strengthen the minds of all his people.

We all are different at the same time we are all equal.

Living in hell ,myself was hard to find.

Now I 'm Da King not in heaven yet ,but I am in my mind.

I have a young body with a old soul.

I was a good kid on Christmas I still got a stocking full of coal.(meaning dealt a bad hand)

I use to be the under dog and the black sheep.

Now I am the top dog living out my dreams like I do when I'm sleep.

Haters are under me like the white part of my feet.

Yes I Am Da King ,I said it and I meant it and I wont accept defeat.

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