You are my other half

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Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012



We were meant for each other like a cigarette and a lighter.
Describing my love for you makes me a excellent writer.
I always will have your back so I 'm your protector.
The way I stare at your beauty you would think I am a inspector.
We were meant for each other like a hand and a glove.

I swear the more I look at you the more I fall even more in love.

You make me happy like a dentures smile.

My love for you is beguile ,plus I love everything about you ,especially your style.
My love for you is too strong to do you wrong.
One way or the other I am going to describe your beauty, if it wasn't this poem then it would have been a love song.
I can still see your beauty with my eyes closed like I was playing Marco Polo.
I am always with you so you are never solo.
To find and to love you was worth the wait.
You bring the best out of me not only am I in love but you make me feel great.
Your beautiful like a waterfall on a hot summer day.
Without a sign I knew love is and was your way.
I love you more then a dog outside loves to smell.
By loving you life for me is no longer hell.
My love for you is a forever rising graph.
I love you and I am extremely happy that you are my better and other half.

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