You'll forever be apart of my fate

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Submitted: November 23, 2012

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Submitted: November 23, 2012



Your beauty is forever fluorescent.
Our love is always at present.
With no worries baby our love is secure.
Loving you is a disease that needs no cure.
All your pictures deserve to be displayed in galleries.
Our love is electric never batteries.
The fact that I love you is no mystery.
We'll still be together even if it's not recorded into history.
Every imagination I have, has you involved.
Past the solar system our love has evolved.
My Queen there is no one that can compare to you on this whole planet.
Our love will survive cause I know that our love can handle it
To me your worth more then a  humongous pearl.
You're my everything not just my girl.
 Your love shakes my body like  a cold chill.
If I was on Death-row, I'd rather see you, instead of eating my last meal.
Put your head on my heart, and hear it's rapid beat, when I tell you I love you.
A real smile comes across my face knowing you love me too.
Baby you reside in my heart not this state.
Even if we're not meant to be, I'm  still going to have you apart of my fate.

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