Your beauty no one can copy

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love poem KinG's style

Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012



A hundred pictures of you all around the ceiling and in every room would be too few.
Like a groupie I am a fan of you.
My love for you never has to be repaired or will ever be thrown out.
You are the heavy rain when there is a drought.
are the only one for me this love I can't hide.

For the rest of my life I want you always to be my side.
When you are not with me I day dream of you being here.
When you say I love you it travels straight to my heart from my ear.
No one could change my mind of how I feel about you.
I feel there is no point in a relationship if neither one of them can't be true.
From the first smile, I knew that you are what I wanted forever.
Your man is here to help you survive through whatever.
I might not have known what you looked like in this life but your smile reminded me that we are destined to be together.
Your skin next to mine is soft like leather.
If you died I love you enough to leave here just to be with you.
Like a eagle or a hawk you are the only girl in my view.
I could careless about the rest.
Until I got it right I have been in and out of relationships but now you have me at my best.
No one is perfect but they never said love can't be and our love really is.
A energy of us will be our kids.
Your beauty no one could copy.
My love for you always comes correct and never is sloppy.
With no urge to stop ,in love with you I am addicted.
I need you like my body needs liquid.
Who ever doesn't want us to remain together quickly needs to be disposed of.
With any of my past girls ,the way I am for you, never have I been so in love.

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