Your not dead,just on vacation

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dead love ones are very much alive

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



Instead of dead I imagine you far away
On a vacation that you choose to stay
Smiling looking on the shore of the beach
Ocean is in arm reach.
Don't even worry about coming back just stay there.
At least this is easier to process instead of
shedding a tear
One day I will see you there too
What a joyful day that will be ,cause 4 so long i haven't seen you
Memories of you seem like yesterday
I take with me what you taught me everyday
So how is the ocean?
Waves move at a steady motion
Heard rumors that you died
I did believe it at first so I cried
I never said goodbye cause I know you are not gone for good
If I could join you right now you know I would
You know me ,know matter what I will survive
I don't believe the lies ,i know you are very much alive
Through magic I know you can get this letter
You gave me the strength to know life does get better
I know the water is cold but it becomes warm once your in
I love you and can't wait til we see each other again


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