You're apart of me

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Submitted: November 09, 2012

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Submitted: November 09, 2012



Baby you swept me off my feet like a broom.
In my life, you're the bomb, like Boom!!!
I love to rub lotion in between your toes, with my fingers.
Forever our love lingers.
Our love always springs forth and bares rare juicy fruit.
I want you to cover me like a suit.
Our love is a forever rotating whirlpool.
When I was almost empty you restored my love's fuel.
You brought light to my world eliminating it from becoming darker.
You're the highlight of my life without a marker.
Even high wind wouldn't distinguish our love's flame.
Upon meeting you, I was too mesmerized by your beauty, to remember my own name.
You're just right for me like adjusted water in the shower.
You're prettier then a colorful butterfly on a beautiful flower.
Me without you, is something I don't ever want to proceed in my thought process.
As long as you continue to love me back, our love will always progress.
Hold on firmly to my heart and never do you have to release.
Our love is like a never expiring lease.
All because of you my wish for true love came true.
Your apart of me, so if someone speaks my name, they better not forget to mention you.

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