You're my Soul-Mate

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Royal Love like no no other Da KinG's Style

Submitted: October 23, 2012

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Submitted: October 23, 2012



I'll always love you that much is certain.
Our souls will still be one after life closes it's curtain.
I'll be here for you when life gets worse and when it's better.
As long as God let's my soul exist I'll love you forever
It's you that is tattooed in my soul and heart.
My love for you is so strong a TNT couldn't bring us apart.
Our love is on top like a roof but will never leak.
You're special like the first kiss on the lips or cheek.
Everyday I'm here to kiss ,squeeze ,hug and  hold you in my arms.
Just looking at you calms the storms.
Every day  being around you is special like dinner by candle lights under the stars.
When you're gone I miss you as if I'm locked up behind bars.
I do love you so there is no need pulling off petals of a Daisy.
How I feel about you? in front of in love put crazy.
We look good together like a new outfit on the first day of school.
I know the one for me is you.
If I died today the enjoyment of heaven would have to wait.
I wouldn't be ready to start a new life without you my soul-mate.

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