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Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012



It's me the philosopher KinG.
I could tell you to be happy but only to yourself joy can you bring.
I learned in order for change one must change themselves.
Leave self pride ,greed, and envy on the shelves.
No one can learn everything but t
ry to learn something new everyday.

It is up to you to want to change ,I could have a million things to say.
I know what comes up must come down ,so I am extra careful being on top.
Trust me I built a way back up if I were to ever drop.
While pain is only temporary ,true happiness resides inside of you.
Be unto yourself true.
If you believe it ,who cares what others think.
If your life is quick sand try to get out ,don't just sink.
Some people build hell walls around them and blame it on God and life.
Listen to both sides of the story before you fall into strife.
I know it is hard but never give up,it gets better please believe me.
Understand life gets hard just for life to become easy.
You can get as far as you push yourself to go.
In the right direction keep moving I don't care if it is slow.
As Da KinG I do practice what I preach.
I am not full of myself no more cause I want to teach .
World wide I want my message to reach.
Realize that hate will remain like a fade with bleach.
I believe any and everyone can change so I don't give up on anyone.
Thanks for hearing the speech from Da KinG ,The Chosen One.

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