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Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



Call me KinG , U.S.A's pharaoh ,or poetry's Messiah.
You would be cocky too if all your life you were told you are nothing.
I came along way from the kid who was always getting into something.
I didn't choose poetry but poetry chose me.
My words are written for all to see.
This is one of my ways I show my love, so I write poetry for you.
My poetry is more valuable then money ,this I find to be very true.
I hold on to my work,like a elderly person treasuring knickknacks that will be held on to till death.
On the streets I earned my stripes like a ref.
What I did I don't like to brag cause I wanted out.
Look at me now Hail 2 Da KinG as they shout.
When someone once to see Da KinG ,make sure you show them my face.
I am a permanent mark, so haters I am the one you can't erase.
I am stronger then superman taking a puff and I am blowing out super smoke.
You should be my Jester the way your always joke.
Never disrespect and your body doesn't have to worry about anything getting rammed through.(knife ,bullets, fist etc)
Not afraid to die so bring on your whole crew.
I am a living legend and it can be seen without a scope.
They wonder why blacks is so angry ,cause they whipped and hung our ancestors with a rope.
Power to the people and I ain't talking just for blacks.
You still walk on it even though the floor has cracks.
So who wants to be KinG for a day ?
Put yourself in my shoes and I bet you still won't think my way.
I am a genius man.
I never think I can't cause I always can.
When people claim to be me Da KinG ask them what they are Da KinG of ?
If they hesitate show them no love.
It is easy to tell that they are just a liar.
I am on the top of my game and only God is higher.
Poetry from Da KinG expect my book.
The game wasn't handed to me the game I just took.
I think to fast so no time for contemplation.
It's KinG World Wide Web taking over this generation.

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