comparisons of my love part 2

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Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



I'm useless without you like a bike with no wheels.

Loving you I like the sound of it and how it feels.

You have my attention like a bad kid distracting you in the classroom.

I'm am useless without you like no smell in cologne or perfume.

We go good together like chalk and a blackboard.

We go good together like a knob and a door.

They would see you in it if my heart was exposed.

My love's door is always open for you and will never be closed.

My love for you has energy like electric plugged in the wall,so you know it always goes.

You would think I had a million tattoos of your name on my body the way my love for you shows.

From the first heart beat I was meant for you.

I don't want to love anymore if it's not coming from you boo.

How you know is when that person is all you think of.

If that is all you think of then your in love.

I know I am even without looking at you.

I'm useless without you like at night no glow in the moon.

Me without you is like a bowl of ice cream with no spoon.

All these comparisons is very much true.

I love you and that's why I name this my comparisons of how much I love you part 2.

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