Da KinG has returned

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King style

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



Da King is back.

Like a 1st place horse on the race track.

If you aren't our color you have no idea of how it feels to be black.


Hustlin with my words like I am slanging crack.

At number 1, I am still fighting for the spot that I am already at.

I am destroying my haters making them disappear ,just like that.

I'm in my right mind so I am a winner.

Never let the world think you are nothing because you are a sinner.

You are a gift to the world even if your parents had you by mistake.

I don't give you to much that your soul can't intake.

By you being my people with poetry I strengthen your heads,hearts and soul.

Haters need love too, so up y'all need to grow.

I don't want what you have ,I am already having a hard time with my life.

In this world I am leaving a mark like a cut that can't be stitched up from a knife.

Get it right I am not leaving my throne.

The day I am no longer Da KinG will be the communication is from the mind and we no longer need internet or a phone.

My my mind is on another level cause when I bend down I reach the sky.

I will still be referred as Da KinG even after I die.

I won't be Da KinG if I can't love my people.

You are my people I am on the highest level but as a human we are all equal.

I always put in over time but you could never tie my score.

I don't bring my people any less love because I always will love you more.

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