Don't believe take another look

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Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



History repeats itself and I am writing again.
Now I have the confidence to always win.
In the past I might have lost but I am never a loser.
I am the boss of the game no longer just a user.
L.O.E (Love Over Everything )my love poetry, teaches how to love.

All you have to do is pay attention.
My words keep you up and never makes you fall asleep like school detention.
As Da KinG of course I think this way.
It is what it is and my words is here to stay.
Life is too real so childish games I won't play.
The name Webster does make sense cause I am all about meaning.
If no one else believes me, then that don't mean I should stop dreaming.
If I think it ,in my mind ,then the picture is clear.
Love me or Hate me KinG is here.
I think outside of the box so my mind is not on house arrest.
In the end with love I will pass life's test.
It wouldn't hurt for you to gives props and tell that person they are the best.
Not after they are at their eternal rest.
I'm on a level higher then 20 story building stairs.
Look all you want ,you aren't hurting me with them cold stares.
Talking about me is not good for your health or your credit.
For it to eat me up ,I just won't let it.
Blessed by God as Da KinG I am initiated.
L.O.E ,I am affiliated.
I am bringing the Medieval back in the present times.
I am speaking a message in all my rhymes.
Just because the words is not complicated doesn't mean it doesn't have great meaning.
There is no stopping me whether I am awake or dreaming.
Sin is in the air we breathe but you can't hold your breath forever.
Who does it like me ? Even you have to admit being Da KinG was clever.
Never overthrown as I sit on my throne.
Da KinG title I own.
I fight the War against wrong.
I take the blind fold off my people and make their minds strong.
I am not book educated but I am educated enough for you to buy my book.
Your brain, don't let life, cook.
Da KinG is here ,don't believe take another look.

© Copyright 2018 KinG WeBStaR. All rights reserved.

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