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my childhood

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012



My poppa was a player and chose my mom cause he wanted a quick nut.
She got pregnant and I was denied by him with no if and or but.
End of his story out of 4 kids I am the only one that didn't have him  ,so about him, I don't know how to feel.
He wasn't there and  unable to accept responsibilities that is real.
Momma after I was 3 left me cause I was holding her back.
She ended up marrying a man to support her addiction to crack.
King was already felt unwanted.
He knew it, bad luck already forever haunted.
He use to sit back and cry looking at her picture asking why you ain't here?
When expressing myself about how i felt people showed no care.
So I became silent and never really spoke my mind.
A normal childhood, who knew ,I would never find.
My first love is lip locking with another boy.
About a hour later she comes to me like everything is fine while I am playing with a toy.
Break up and this time won't be a make up ,I put it on my none being there parents.
Growing up all I wore was Payless and prayed there was  something that was on clearance.
I didn't like to talk about it so poetry was the way I communicated.
I could run out of toes and fingers all the time I been discriminated.
King always been the mostpopular  one in the whole school .
At the same time I  felt like I didn't have a single true friend ,back then it was fist that rule.
I went to school with kids that parents had millions in the bank.
I have always been tore up from the inside with my face blank.
Kids ate real good for lunch while I had to ate school food.
Asking are to going to eat that ,I hated that I was that dude.
While others did chores to get a allowance i had no choice do it or  get beat down.
Fake smiles look closer and you will see a big frown.

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