I am telling it how it is

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calling it how I see it

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



I can't account for everyone that is my race.

I am barely making it on my own working at a steady pace.

To this flesh i don't want to be a waste.

I can't be who you want me to be, like a puzzle incomplete and a new piece you just paste.

I am me you can clone me but i won't be the same with my past being erased.

My past made me who i am even though it was the hardest thing i ever faced.

Jobs don't want to hire ,so how else can we get paid.

When we do get the job we work our whole lives out for minimum wage.

I do what ever they ask of me for years and i still didn't get no raise.

A person not my race comes there works a month and he or she gets shift leader ,a raise and all the praise.

You have the free will to change your own ways.

I believe slavery still exist but not just one race these days.

Maybe one day they might finally see how they are doing us ,and give and ask can we forgive them and not broadcast it out for attention like show biz.

I have no shame telling you the truth i am just telling you how it is.

You can't judge a person off first glance.

If someone makes a claim why are we so quick to judge without giving that person a chance.

Life is filled with obstacles ,fences that try to keep us in so just climb over it.

We all are human somethings you have to forgive and forget.

Trying to stop negativity is like killing roaches you can't kill them all.

As quick as I fell the faster I am up if I fall.

I learned from my mistakes so now I avoid crimes to get me arrested .

My words let it sink in and please digest it.

Stop being so hard on yourself you will get what you are after just stay motivated.

Recycle love let it be generated.

I can still remember being evicted with the electric out having to use candles to see were I am moving at night.

All day when I was doing good friends would want to visit now that I am having hard time they are no where in sight.

Animals is scared of us humans if trees could they would be scared too.

People don't realize the person that needs to change is you.

Be not poor in spirit even if your surrounding are.

If you are not careful Life will drive you insane and I am not talking about a car.

Being Da KinG I fight for a cause.

Anyone willing to change so they can change others you have my applaud.

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